The Power of The Paradigm

The Power of The Paradigm

written by: Graham Kean
by: Graham Kean
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I got to thinking about Peace. Many parts of the world are not at peace, people are dying because of interpretations, beliefs, paradigms.

What is a paradigm? It is a belief system, a system we can be born into or a system we can take on. A paradigm shapes our reality, we believe everything from within the paradigm, and we only see the world from that point of view. The paradigm closes off all other perspectives, all other points of view. It closes off acceptance, difference and possibility, the possibility of peace. For example: "There is only one way and it is my way, THE way, and I am right about it! I am so right I am prepared to lose relationships, back off from communication, withdraw, fight, hurt and ultimately kill.

What I am not saying here is that there are situations and beliefs that are not worth fighting for, of course there are many paradigms and many examples of people upholding their beliefs for the greater good. Taking a stand for a worthy cause. However, the learning here is when we get 'stuck' in a paradigm and we believe we are 'right', we look at the world through the lens of our paradigm, through the lens of our opinion, and that's all we see. We take a position and we are right about it, we 'be' right about it, it shapes our reality because it shapes our actions and in shaping our actions it shapes our results and outcomes. Then, if it doesn't work out the way we want we blame, rant, and rave, putting the responsibility on the other person or people.

Being stuck in a paradigm means that you are not open to other people, you are not willing to look for alternative, you are not willing to see something from another's point of view. As soon as you step back from your point of view and consider, put space between your point of view and your actions you open up possibility, possibility for reconciliation, possibility for love and possibility for peace.

Peace starts from within, there is no hope for peace if you are always right. Here's the tough are never right. It is always just a point of view.

Notice what you are attached to, notice who you are being in relation to your beliefs and notice the paradigms you are stuck in....that is where the work begins, it begins with you.