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The Toolbox "for life's little emergencies"

The Toolbox
"for life's little emergencies"
by Judith Te Huia
Book Description:

You want to have some control back in your life, to have some peace, less stress, to stop worrying about day-to-day stuff. You want to find some time for yourself, some happiness, but you don’t think it is possible. This is where I can help you and offer you the tools to get you to that place you want to go. It’s not about trying to control situations around you. It is about how you react to them. This book is an introduction to the tools you can learn to use to help you react differently, to connect with the problems and gain different solutions. It is about taking you on a journey of self-care to find your own inner help, wisdom and peace through meditation, relaxation techniques, changing your thoughts, using visualisation, taking care of self, and not feeling guilty. We will walk through this book together, and when you reach the end you will be a very different person than when you began. Remember, this is just the beginning of living your life in a more positive, fulfilling way. Just for a minute imagine feeling relaxed and in control. Imagine feeling happy and at peace with life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You might have tried medication but what about meditation? I know – you don’t have time with your job, the kids, housework, family, bills and everyone wanting a bit of you. You don’t have time for you. We have already had some wonderful feed back from those who have read it saying it’s simple to read and the exercises are easy to follow. They can take the book with them and refer to the page they need at the time they need it.

About Judith Te Huia:

My name is Judith Te Huia am a registered nurse, coach, intuitive counsellor and mental wellbeing specialist and have helped many people find a healthier and happier way to live.

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