Mrs. Diana Rickman AAMET Advanced Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner
Diana Rickman

Credentials: Certification

Institution: AAMET

Certification: Level 3

Certification Year: 2015

In practice since: 2014

Diana specialises in behaviours resulting from anxiety, stress, emotional trauma and PTSD. She supports and guides adults and children to break free from limiting beliefs, unwanted behaviour and bad memories so that they can live more joyful, calm and confident lives.

Diana is a level 3 certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. This AAMET certification is recognised worldwide and follows the teachings of Gary Craig the founder of EFT meridian tapping.

Emotional Freedom technique is a highly effective, clinically proven tool combining modern talk therapy with the ancient technique of acupressure and when its guided by the sharp eyes and ears of a trained practitioner EFT can gently but dramatically relieve and clear emotional problems and behaviours and their physical symptoms in children and adults.

Your Emotionally Strong Life is a mission-driven media and education venture on a quest to support, share and guide. She regularly shares EFT at talks and events and offers a growing catalogue of workshops and courses. Diana is a fully insured member of AAMET.

Podcasts, blog and coaching to nurture and grow your inner strength. Create a confident, calm and joyful way of living.

Your emotionally strong life

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Areas of Specialty

Academic Underachievement

Career Counseling

Child or Adolescent


Coping Skills




Life Coaching


Self Esteem

Success Coaching

Trauma and PTSD

Treatment Methods


Art Therapy

Business Coaching



Energy Work

Life Coaching

Pain Management

Success Coaching