Genevieve Flight P.L.L

Genevieve Flight

Genevieve Flight is an Esoteric Healer and the Priestess Of Lunar Logos (P.L.L) and has been coaching and helping people in various Countries of the World in matters of Spirituality, Health, Healing, Veganism and gaining higher consciousness. She has been working very hard towards helping others understand how diseases affect our body and how the food we eat, our habits, lifestyle and our thoughts connect spiritually to this hidden phenomenon outside the realm of Science or limited narrative we have been taught all through our lives.

It is the work of a Spiritually trained & highly skilled Esoteric Healer or Nature Master to directly channel high vibrational Healing Energy into specific points in our body system that are responsible for healing & reversing the specifically afflicted organ in our body therefore achieving Healing for the individual concerned. There is no illness or health condition in this World that doesn't have a cure. To an ignorant person, it is obviously a big claim. To a Spiritual Healing Master or Nature Master, it is very easy because they have devoted their time through many centuries & thousands of years of their Birth/rebirth to rise consciously to this frequency of existence.

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