Mrs. Lisa Scott B.MSC.

Pastoral Counselor
Lisa Scott

Credentials: Religious

Institution: University of Metaphysics

Certification: Bachelors in spiritual counseling

Certification Year: 2011

In practice since: 2011

I am a mother of 4, wife, Metaphysician, Author, Blogger, and Procee Improvement Consultant for physician practices.
I help men and women to become the observer of your thoughts and to remove any programming that no longer serves you. I also help show you how your thoughts effect you vibrationally and scientifically, to remove the dogma and mystery in order for you to do your inner-work with more fluidity.

Areas of Specialty



Self Esteem



Treatment Methods

Business Coaching


Energy Work

Intuition Development

Law of Attraction

Meditation and Guided Visualization


Spiritual Healing