Your Perfect Mate

Your Perfect Mate

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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From the moment we are born into a human body, we have a sense that we have become separate from part of ourselves. The masculine and feminine have divided and we are only functioning under one or the other. While babies and young children may not always express this verbally; we can see it in them.

If you watch them you will realize that they draw to mom and dad as a single unit and not separated. They draw naturally towards fairytales where the masculine and feminine come together and unite in love. We see it as love of these two dynamics are important. They are constantly doing things to draw in people that they see fit for those around them.

However, somewhere along the way we tend to get lost in the material world and growing up that we lose site of the importance of loving unity in our lives. Even those preferring to be single, can appreciate true love for others. No matter who you are there are likely to be fairytales that you have loved. Even as an adult you are likely to still be drawn to these same love themes.

Our fairytales, and dream lovers are often full of insights of what we are really wanting to have in a relationship with others. There is a wealth of information in them if you look back on it. Now, your adult self seeing with only material eyes, may think "I am definitely NOT interested in archaic chauvanistic roles like that". However, if we look a little deeper with our soul self we will see it.

We may not be looking to be the damsel in distress; but we may want someone that will drop everything and be at our side to help us when life gets rough. We may not be seeking to compete for someone that is seeing several people; but we may want someone that we know chooses to be with us and/or be a catalyst for someone walking away from self-destructive patterns. These are only a couple of examples.

It is important for us to know the stories we are living out (consciously or unconsciously) in our desire to live out. Even being alone, independent, and doing our own thing without a partner; is part of a love story. The key is to spend some time reflecting on the traits and characteristics of our our fairytale and dream lovers. What is it about them that we are really drawn to; and what is it in those characteristics that are important to us.

As we look or simply remain open to having a partner in our life; these guidelines can prove very valuable to helping us know whether someone is a good connection. The key is to be able to know that fairytale endings and Hallmark successes are created by holding to true values or characteristics and not just the fairytale experience which can be full of things we are not looking for.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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