11 Mental Strategies to Reinvent Your Business!

11 Mental Strategies to Reinvent Your Business!

written by: Mr. Don Price
by: Mr. Don Price
Reinvent your business Reinvent your business

Right now is not the time to worry about your competition. Even though you are facing more competitive issues, there is more weakness in your marketplace. There's more flight than fight attitudes. There are more complacency and dispirited entrepreneurs opening huge gaps of opportunities for your business to take a quantum leap in growth.

Here is how you can maximize the performance of your business utilizing the impetus of prime drivers for exponential growth.

1. Revitalize your passion, purpose, and plans and enroll everyone in your organization to champion your company's vision. 2. Set and monitor your goals. Create a goal-oriented environment that focuses on solutions and increased performance. 3. Clearly, determine the ultimate position you want to achieve in your business. Create a marketing strategy that has an ongoing monitored tactical process to achieve your goals such as newspaper advertising, sales calls, newsletter, Internet presents, speaking engagement, trade shows, direct response mail, press releases, free publicity, servicing existing clients, acquiring new customers, etc. 4. Master the telephone ā€” one of your most valuable strategic business building weapons in today's high-tech high-touch economy. 5. Transform your employees into master communicators. The customer is influenced and motivated to purchase with effective presentations that solve problems. 6. Make sure your ads, direct mail, and promotional pieces communicate with problem-solving solutions for your customers. 7. Work on your business. Gather your people together for weekly meetings to resolve ineffective marketing and selling tactics and change what needs to be changed in order stay on course for increasing business. 8. Event training is good for learning new skills and can produce good results for a very short period of time before people slip right back into the status quo. "The tools and techniques people learn at Event Training programs TURN to DUST ā€” unless reinforcing by new habits of behavior" DLP 9. Process training is integrated into the process of growing your business and will produce accelerated results and sustain itself, creating a deeper level of proficiency within yourself and employees. 10. Process training refocuses over and over on critical competencies until you are expertly trained. 11. Refocus your thinking about work related stress that causes yourself and employees to work at 20 percent effectiveness. Implement a Stress Management Program coping device training that includes Self-Hypnosis and Mindfulness within your organization and that will cause your Sales and Productivity Go UP!

It's believed that about 80 percent of employee emotional problems are developed by excessive stress. Excessive stress results in lower and poorer production and frayed relationship with coworkers, friends, and family. It brings about job burnout, increase tardiness, absenteeism, lack of concentration, and on the job accidents.

Take the time for better management of your time. Reactive businesses have no additional time. But, proactive businesses create the time to effectively focus 80 percent of their time on high-results producing activities through strategic performance marketing, planning, procedures and process weekly training to virtually quadruple business.