2 Odd Food Tips—About Arm Action?

2 Odd Food Tips—About Arm Action?

written by: Joan Kent
by: Joan Kent
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2 Odd Food Tips – About Arm Action?

By Joan Kent, PhD

1. Shrink Your Serving Spoons

A study tested how much people ate from a big, full bowl of M&Ms in an office setting. A large scoop invited greater M&M consumption than a teaspoon.

I suspect there's an unconscious link between the number of "spooning" actions and how much food we're willing to take. One action with a scoop may seem less greedy than 5 teaspoons, even if the scoop holds more.

How can you use this at home? Use a smaller serving spoon for foods you'd like to limit (say, mac & cheese) and a larger one for vegetables and other healthful fare.

2. Eat Small Food

Another study showed that cutting food into small pieces limits the amount we eat.

Again, I wonder if it relates to arm action from plate to mouth. If it takes more of those motions to eat the food, maybe we unconsciously limit the arm actions, rather than the amount of food per se.

Whatever the reasons behind these odd tips, they don't involve eating different foods or counting calories, just an easy shift in behaviors.

I'm for whatever works. Why not give them a try?

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Brought to you by Dr. Joan Kent, best-selling author of Stronger Than Sugar: 7 Simple Steps to Defeat Sugar Addiction, Lift Your Mood, and Transform Your Health.

written by: Joan Kent

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