2018 The Year of Chaotic Awakening

2018 The Year of Chaotic Awakening

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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Artwork by Jaxs Fiero - Excerpt from The Code Journey

For those that have followed my posts online, they will remember me talking about the 11th Hour as a big theme for 2017. In 2018, we also have an 11th hour energy pattern; but it is different than the one in 2017. The one that we have this year shows that the decisions we make at this time have a significant impact on the direction things go. It is a year of getting with it; time is running out as they say. Some may refer to it as our year of last chances.

What I am seeing with this energy is that people have been putting off making changes, or perhaps avoided making the necessary changes; figuring that the hardships will never reach them. However, where we have been too much this way, and shutting ourselves off in glass houses; is about to come crashing down. Unfortunately, for a good portion of the human race, change happens only when they are forced into. They wait until something catastrophic happens. This is like neighbors coming together, and people being compassionate; only when a hurricane or tornado hits.

It will be wise for people to take a good hard look at where they have become complacent, greedy, too comfortable; and where they are taking people and things for granted. There is no more running and hiding; changes must be made. The time is now to make a shift.

In this year we are likely to see where the hidden dangers are, and who lacks integrity. However, it is in the harshness, that we will also find the truth. It is in the hardships that we will find our strength. This year calls us to rise up in compassion; and to remember that we are not victims, no matter how much it may feel that way.

It may feel that disorder, confusion, and chaos are more prevalent than ever. Watching the news will be more disorienting than ever; as we realize more and more that we cannot rely on anyone telling us the truth. All of this, however, stems from the insecurities of those that are trying to maintain control in the world. Of course, this is one of the biggest lies of all.

No one truly owns the Earth, and money does not truly have power; although many times it can feel like that is just how it is. This is no different than the bully that makes you believe you have no choice but to turn over your lunch; or that no one supports you. These fear tactics are in the process of crashing down; which is why those in power are so set on exerting their power.

Predominate themes and areas that we will find a focus on during this year will be power struggles among world leaders. Who has control, who is trying to take control, and who will be attacked out of fear of having too much control? The level of betrayal, competition, and broken promises is likely to be higher than we have ever seen it. Some of this will be due to a change of mind, as the true agendas surface; and some of this will be done to show power and control. Alliances are not reliable; and pacts will have little meaning in the world of politics and big business.

Major headlines will include things around censorship, restricting freedom and choices (apparently because it is "good" for you). It is important however, that we do not give up freedom; and especially freedom of choice. There is also likely to be a bigger backlash on those that try to bring forth the truth about big corporations. At the same time, the tangled web that they weave, and the connections that they have, are likely to become more evident; offering people choices as to whether they are going to support the hidden agendas behind them.

Another theme we will see this year, involves having to start life over and over again. This is likely to happen as the truth is exposed with people and situations in our lives. The key to working with this is, to minimize commitments and responsibilities. Focus on things that can be completed quickly and easily. Leave yourself with as flexible of a schedule as possible. Be ready to shift directions at a moment's notice. The less you are tied to, the easier it will be to change the direction of your sails.

You may also find it very valuable, to spend time alone and disconnect this year. Chaos and confusion are often tactics used in brainwashing; as it scrambles the mind, until it gives up trying to find the truth. This energy always takes care of itself, if we walk away from it. When we step out of the chaos, it will run its course; and the action we need to take, will be perfectly clear. This also, keeps us from getting swept up in all of the drama that is circling around like a whirlwind.

During this year, among keeping open and flexible, we will also want to think about preparing a stronger foundation. What is the future that you want to build? While the results may not manifest immediately, keeping this focus will also help keep you on track. It is like choosing to have more peace and balance in your life. If you hold this as your focus, then you will keep letting go of what doesn't support that. This is also like creating a nest egg. Yes, today's needs are important to meet; but still finding even a little piece to put away will be valuable.

One of the benefits of chaos energy is, to teach us to be flexible and creative. It is when we feel that we have nothing, and things are unpredictable; that we actually release ourselves from heavy energy, and get back to basics. Thinking simple, easy, and free; will be key tools and components to seeing your way through this year. Complicated, difficult, and expensive is out; and only lays the foundations of heavy and burdensome energy, that will be exhausting and unfulfilling. Focus on the non-tangible and non-material pleasures; for they will sustain you indefinitely.

Another key aspect of this year focuses on the concept of "the meek inherit the Earth". How power is used, will not only be the cause of turbulence; but what will see us through turbulence. This year, is sure to be full of surprises; and for many they will seem to come out of nowhere, shaking things up pretty good.

Some of that shake up is likely to come in the form of "victims" that have had enough; those that are tired of being walked on and silenced. We are likely to see forms of rebellion and revolting against what squashes our freedom and individuality. However, in the midst of that it is also going to open the door for individuality to come. The power will actually be in the hands of the wise individuals. In the outer world, they may appear as no one; but from within, they are shifting and changing the whole foundation of things.

"Beware of the quiet ones"; they need not words to be heard. Fortune shines on those that are willing to be their own person, walk their own path, and to do so from a space of compassion and love. Those that are willing to set aside material things; and choose not to follow the crowd, are likely to have an abundance of blessings come their way. They will be the ones to step up and lead; even if it is from behind the scenes. It is important as they rise into power, that they do not misuse or abuse that power; because it will only bring their own downfall.

This is a time where the "misfits" and "outcasts" can have a change of fortune. They are not ruled by money; and thus tend to also yield the greatest power. They are not afraid to stand alone; because they have been doing so for so long. They do not seek approval from others; for they have been shunned too many times.

Their inner wisdom is their compass. These are the people that walk their talk; and do it with a loving heart. They are connected with the core; and stay true to the truth and their soul self. This is the portal that opens the door for the "meek" to inherit the Earth. Remember, the meek are not weaklings; but those that have resiliently stood in principle, closing the doors on what does not operate with integrity and compassion. Quiet perhaps; but they are some of the strongest people around.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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