3 FAQs About Moods, Cravings & Veggies

3 FAQs About Moods, Cravings & Veggies

written by: Joan Kent
by: Joan Kent
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3 FAQs About Moods, Cravings & Veggies

by Joan Kent, PhD

Below are 3 nutrition questions I've been asked time and time again.

• I sometimes have mood swings (or feel depressed). Can foods change my moods?

Let's first assume you've talked to your doctor about your moods and received a qualified medical opinion about what you need.

The answer to this question about foods and moods is definitely "yes."

Foods absolutely can change your moods. This isn't a vague answer about eating well and feeling better as you become healthier. That wouldn't really be helpful here.

Foods affect moods because they change brain chemistry. This post is too brief to allow me to explain the exact changes different foods make. But if moods are an issue for you, you may need — and want — to make nutrition changes that are geared specifically to changing your moods.

• Will I ever get rid of my sugar cravings?

The answer to this is another "yes."

Any nutritionist who talks about "curbing" cravings or tells you everyone has them might not "get" the food craving problem.

Common suggestions, such as eating a little of what you crave or substituting fruit or another sweet food, would also be a red flag.

If you follow a solid food plan designed to help you get past sugar cravings, they will go away. Completely. And you'll have the freedom that goes along with that.

• I hate vegetables and always have. Do I really need them, or can I just eat more fruit?

Vegetables and fruits are not equal. Fruits do contain good nutrients but are no substitute for veggies.

Hating vegetables often indicates a high-sugar diet. The ideal first step is to check your diet.

The next step would be to check your family history for factors that may make you carb-sensitive, sugar-sensitive, or both.

Finally, you'd want a plan that can switch things so vegetables no longer seem unpalatable.

In fact, once you're in control of sugar, you might be surprised at the difference in how veggies taste!

If you're looking to get on track – with your moods, your sugar cravings, or those pesky vegetables – I'm dedicated to helping you. I'll be your expert advisor, accountability partner, "bad cop" or sounding board – so you can transform your health, your moods, your weight – and stay that way. Just visit www.LastResortNutrition.com/Coaching and grab your free Empowered Eating Consult. Find out how easy it can be to reverse the problem that's keeping you stuck now.

written by: Joan Kent

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