5 Things To Do After You Give Up on Deliberate Creation

5 Things To Do After You Give Up on Deliberate Creation

written by: Ms. Lisa Hayes
by: Ms. Lisa Hayes
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I recently got an email from a very frustrated reader. She told me she'd been trying to practice deliberate creation and various other personal development modalities for more than ten years with almost no tangible results.

Sure, she wasn't exactly where she was when she started. However, she hadn't experienced any major miracles. She felt like she'd been sold a bill of goods that didn't deliver. It seemed like everyone else could make it work, but she couldn't manifest a parking space if her life depended on it.

This woman had read every book and taken several high-dollar courses. She wanted to believe something bigger was possible. But she'd quit believing it was possible for her. However, her life had hit a fairly significant snag, and once again she found herself emailing a coach hoping for a miracle delivered from the magical universe with a bow on top.

This woman isn't alone. A lot of people get frustrated trying to practice deliberate creation. Lots of people give up on believing they create their own reality and return to the Muggle life with their heads hung low.

So, if you can relate, if you ever feel like giving up on deliberate creation or personal development in general, I say, give it up. Wasting a week on something that's not working is too long, let alone, months or years.

Here are five things I suggest you try instead. Lighten the load.

1. Spend the time you've been staring at your vision board getting rid of some stuff - and maybe some people.

Clean out the clutter.

Unsubscribe from everything you don't read that jams up your inbox. You won't need all those feel good newsletters anymore anyway.

Evaluate your personal relationships and get rid of people that bring you down. Just cut them loose. Forget all that unconditional love stuff. This is getting real time. Shove off the dead weight.

While you're at it, unfriend a bunch of people on social media you don't know or don't like. Do you really need all those pics from all those pretty people who have super-shiny lives? I didn't think so.

Get rid of everything that feels like a toleration and give yourself some white space in your life. Ditch that stale useless vision board while you're at it. You've been spending a lot of time asking the Universe for things like a whiny child. You're going to let that go.

2. Learn a new skill - like meditation.

Why not just learn to chill the f*ck out instead?

You know you're tired of your thoughts anyway. So, take this opportunity to practice not thinking. Quit focusing on anything for awhile. It would feel better.

Practice just sitting with yourself quietly. Stop petitioning for a miracle you don't think is coming. If you could slow your crazy thoughts down a bit that would be a God damn miracle in and of itself. You'd be the miracle maker then. That would be cool, wouldn't it? Really, get angry about it and feel your anger like a tired toddler gets angry over not getting ice cream. Throw a tantrum. Don't hold back.

3. Get really pissed off that all that junk you've been trying didn't work.

While you're at it, go ahead and get angry about some other stuff too. All those "negative" emotions you've been trying to stuff down, let that sh*t boil over. Feel your dark and icky feelings without apology.

Explore your dark side with extreme curiosity. Why not? You've got nothing to lose. You're not trying to hide your sticky stuff from the Universe anymore. So, let your freaky side rage to your heart's content. Get it off your chest and out of the closet. You'll feel like you lost twenty pounds in rage alone. Delete all those "get rich quick" or "miracle mindset" programs from the hard drive of your computer and replace them with photographs and videos of you having a blast outside.

4. Go outside and play with abandon.

Forget your "I am" statements and go to the beach.

Ditch your visualization for GoPro movies you made yourself.

Take your frustrations out on a hiking trail.

Instead of going to another spiritual retreat, plan a road trip just for the junk food and the playlist.

Distract yourself from your miserable life with a good old fashioned sunburn. Trust me; it'll work. You're not trying to "make it happen" anymore. So, go big. Since you've given up on your dreams, you can free up your imagination to dream sh*t even that's even more spectacular. Just disappear into some crazy cool fantasies.

5. Spend some time basking in make-believe.

Take your cue from little kids. Those little geniuses don't need anything more than ten free minutes to conjure up some wild make-believe realities. They've got it down. They don't care who thinks they are batsh*t crazy when they decide to be Superman in the middle of the grocery. You can do it too - maybe not Superman, but something more adult, like being President or an astronaut.

Want to be a rockstar playing to sold-out stadiums around the world? Rock on with that fantasy indefinitely. Why not?

Want to marry George Clooney and live in the Italian villa most of the year? Forget Amal. Just close your eyes and pretend that man and accouterments are yours. It's never going to happen anyway, but it sure feels good to imagine.

Whatever you've been too cautious to try to manifest, or didn't think you truly deserved, unleash it with a vengeance. Indulge in the insanity of something BIG. Play with your wild side and imagine all those things you thought you couldn't or shouldn't have, all day long if you like. No judgment about right and wrong anymore. You're off that spiritual bandwagon after all. Anything goes.