5 Ways Food Logs Help You Quit Sugar (Part 3)

5 Ways Food Logs Help You Quit Sugar (Part 3)

written by: Joan Kent
by: Joan Kent
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5 Ways Food Logs Help You Quit Sugar (Part 3)

This week is about great reasons to log your food and how it

helps you quit sugar. Here's #3:

Logging Reveals What You May Be Hiding

Food logs can also reveal smokescreens – intentional or not. Here are some actual examples.

One client, a sugar addict, submitted food logs that included precise info on every food in every meal she ate, along with her exact portion sizes.

But when it came to vegetables, the log simply said "vegetables." She never specified which ones – or how much she'd eaten.

It looked as if she was hiding how few vegetables she ate. Was she listing a tiny morsel of broccoli as "vegetables"? Was she hoping I wouldn't notice because of all the other details?

I pointed out the discrepancy between the precision everywhere in her log except her vegetables. I half expected her to say, "Oops, busted!" but she muttered that she needed to be more accurate.

Did she really not know what she was doing? No matter, the log was helpful in getting her on track.

Another client told me that, on her birthday, she had eaten a slice of the cake a friend made for her. Her food log showed that she had eaten that cake every day for 5 days till it was gone. It helped to explain her lack of progress that week.

A third client actually began eating vegetables – something she wasn't doing when we started working together. What a terrific outcome just from logging her food!

Don't miss 2 more fantastic benefits of logging your food – right here this week!

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written by: Joan Kent

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