5 Ways Food Logs Help You Quit Sugar (Part 5)

5 Ways Food Logs Help You Quit Sugar (Part 5)

written by: Joan Kent
by: Joan Kent
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Here's the 5th and final way I'd like to share about how logging your food can help you quit sugar.

Logging Tracks Your Sugar Attacks

A food log can help you track your sugar triggers. Did you eat sugar early in the day? That changes both appetite and food preferences, either that day or for the next day or so.

A client once asked if she could "take weekends off from logging." Obviously, I couldn't stop her, but no way did I give it a stamp of approval.

It was certain to encourage her sugar addiction. I pictured her stopping the log on Friday – not even at the end of the day – then eating with wild abandon and re-starting her log sometime on Monday. Or even Tuesday.

With no record of her food during those long weekends, I felt certain she'd give in to her sugar addiction and cravings. With no log, there would be no responsibility and – in her mind – no consequences.

Of course, she wouldn't lose the weight she wanted to lose, and because we'd have no weekend record, I wouldn't be able to coach her with any success. She would then have been likely to quit the program and tell others it didn't work.

Well, she did take weekends off from "logging" for a while. She made no improvements during that time. When she finally decided to keep her log day in and day out, she lost the weight she wanted to lose.

She also got such a great medical report that her doctor sent me a thank-you note. Really.

Then there was the woman who had been to 8 different nutritionists and had kept a food log for every one of them. She told me I was the only nutritionist who read the logs. Yikes. How could the other nutritionists make recommendations without knowing what she was eating?

What I know is this: A food log is a solid accountability tool, whether you show it to anyone or not.

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written by: Joan Kent

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