7 Things Successful Singles Do Differently

7 Things Successful Singles Do Differently

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Are you single and frustrated with going out on dates but not finding "the one"?

Approximately 46% of the adult population is single, and since 85% eventually marry, it is clear that most people prefer to be in a long-term relationship with someone special. Successful singles do certain things that enable them to find their perfect match. So what do they do different that makes them successful?

Positive beliefs

They put the past behind them and deal with any unresolved issues. They live in the present and believe that each day is a new beginning full of possibilities. They believe that love and happiness are possible and are excited about not only finding their partner but enjoying the journey.

Positive feelings

Not only do they have positive thoughts and beliefs,

they also are happy with the life they have and are looking forward to adding someone to that life. They are not looking for a relationship to fix anything. They are not dwelling on the lack of a relationship but rather focusing on the desire to have a partner. They are tuned in to the love and happiness they will share even before their partner shows up.


Successful singles have an air of confidence about them. They know what they have to offer in a relationship and have high self-esteem. They will not settle for less than they deserve. Self-confidence and a passion for life are very attractive traits. Are you acting and living in a way that will attract your ideal partner?

Know your requirements

Frequently, singles have a shopping list of the characteristics they are looking for. This list may be narrowing their dating pool too much, and they might be missing out on potential partners. What you want is a list of the core values or requirements you are looking for in a relationship. Remember, you are looking for a relationship, not a specific person. You want a partner who has the same life vison as you.

Know who to date

Now that you are clear on your relationship requirements, you will no longer date anyone who does not meet all of them. Successful singles do not continue to date anyone who has core values that differ from theirs or who have a different vision for the future. They know how to look for red flags and deal breakers. They have fun on dates but are also evaluating the other person to see if they meet their requirements. They do not fall for someone just because they are good looking, have a good job, like the same things, or have great chemistry. They are able to balance their heart with their head.

Know what a healthy relationship looks like

Successful singles understand that it takes time to get to really know another person. They are willing to allow a relationship to unfold at a slower pace. They do not rush into make a commitment before they really know the other person. They realize it takes time to find out if a person's works and actions match. They are have a clear vision of the type of relationship they are looking for and are able to communicate this with a potential partner.

Take Action

Successful singles take all this knowledge, positive beliefs, and confidence out into the world on a daily basis. They show up as the best person they can be everywhere they go. They are willing to take risks and try things outside of their comfort zone. They join new groups, sign up for online dating, find new places to explore and new routines that allow them to meet more singles.

Now that you know what makes a successful singles, you are ready to go out and find the partner that is right for you.

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Lori Ann Davis, MA, CRS

Certified Relationship Specialist, author, radio show host, speaker