8 Spiritual Principles About Eating

8 Spiritual Principles About Eating

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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Most people right now take eating for granted and abuse eating to the point that lots of people on the planet are obese. Here is what is written in spiritual texts about eating.

Feel Light Within Before and After Meals - When we sit down for a meal we should feel light inside. And when we finish a meal we should still have that same light feeling. If one feels bloated, stuffed, or sleepy then there was either way too much food... or the food is not good for the body.

Eat Farm Fresh Food - All food must be fresh, that which stays on the shelves for months is not good for the body. Food that comes right from the ground is full of health giving nutrients, live nutrients that last a very short period of time. Thus go out and buy fresh food daily from the farmer... keep very little fresh food on hand.

Consume Food That is Full of Light - Light is given off by the sun and thus green leaves take in those packets of light. And when we consume those raw leafy veggies life-giving packets of photons are assimilated into our body. And that light keeps us from coming down with disease— and we feel energized with the spark of life.

Eat Food Farmed in Accordance with Natural Laws - Food is to be farmed in accordance with the natural laws of nature. Anything that is added to the soil which is not made by nature... creates toxic food and poisons the soil and the planet. And anything that is added to our food before and after being harvested also creates food toxic.

Eat Food-Created By Nature - There is a reason why nature has natural laws, it keeps the divine order in balance. All plants and animals that were not created in accordance with nature are toxic. Anything that changes that natural order creates a toxic domino effect for everything that exists on the planet.

Pray in Gratitude Before Each Meal - Hold thy hands over thy food and give thanks for what one is about to partake... have gratitude for thy food. Thus as we hold our hands over our food it's important to see white light move from our hands into our food and enliven our food with energy.

Eat Only a Small Portion of Food - It's important to only eat a small portion of food and move away from the table feeling slightly hungry. To eat until one cannot move is not natural. In fact, down through the ages, most people had very little food and our bodies have become accustomed to having less... and we live longer when we eat less.

Give Away Extra Food - Give away all excess food to thy neighbors, or the beggar down the street, or anyone else who might be hungry. At the same time, it's also prudent to plan for the future and put away some none perishable foods such as grains in case hard times come knocking on your door. But when we have more food than we could ever eat and others are starving... the natural balance of life is out of balance. Thus it's important to feed those who are hungry. For we are the keepers of balance just like mother nature is the keeper of the earth.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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