8 Ways to Optimize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

8 Ways to Optimize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

written by: Ms. April Stump
by: Ms. April Stump
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8 Ways to Optimize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Transform your bedroom into a cozy place where you rest your head and get the best sleep of your life, every night. You spend one-third of your life sleeping, so make the most of every hour, using these simple tricks.

8 Ways to Optimize Your Bedroom for Your Best Night Sleep

1. Shut Out the Light

As much as you enjoy the daylight hours, at night you'll sleep better in complete darkness. Invest in some quality blackout curtains or layer two sets for the same effect.

Cover up electronic lights as they will disturb your sleep. If this isn't easily accomplished, then cover your eyes with a sleep mask.

2. Tune Out the Noise

Too much noise - snoring, outdoor hubbub - will keep you up or jar you out of a deep sleep so drown out the background sounds with a white noise machine and/or earplugs.

3. Chill Out

If your bedroom is above 72 degrees, Fahrenheit experts say you won't reach that perfect sleep. So cool your room off with AC, a ceiling fan or by opening a window.

4. Find the Right Mattress

You can apply every one of these tips, but if you're sleeping on a twenty-year-old warped mattress, you'll never sleep well. Replace your mattress every 5-7 years or if it's indents - from normal wear - are greater than 1.5 inches.

You also want to buy the right mattress for your sleep style. Stomach sleepers need a firm pocket-spring to distribute weight and take pressure off their spine. Side sleepers work best with body-hugging memory foam while back sleepers should go for a medium-firm foam mattress.

5. Switch Off the Electronics

Your bedroom should be a screen-free oasis, yes that means no TV and definitely no cellphone. Turn off the TV 30-60 minutes before bed to avoid stimulation and don't worry about social media or your emails - they can wait until morning. Why? LED electronics affect melatonin production (sleep hormone) and wreck your sleep.

6. Get Cozy Bedding

Buy proper moisture-wicking fabric for your bedding - cotton, bamboo, silk or linen - so you don't get stuck to the sheets. Check out Milk and Sugar bedding online for some cozy yet chic threads. And if need be, buy allergen-proof pillowcase and bedding if you suffer from dust allergies.

Wash your sheets frequently because there's nothing more relaxing than curling up in freshly laundered clean sheets.

7. Plush Pillows

Like mattresses, pillows have an expiration date. You should shop for a new pillow every 1-4 years - depending on the material. Also akin to mattresses, buy a pillow based on your sleeping style. Tummy sleepers require super thin pillow, while side sleepers need firm and back do best with thin.

  • Polyfill (standard pillow) or down alternative, every 1-2 years
  • Down, latex or memory foam, every 3-4 years

8. Bedroom Retreat

Paint your walls a calming neutral colour and fill your retreat with the bare essentials. You don't want a cluttered space as it makes for a cluttered mind; so make sure everything is in its place, and nonessentials are rehomed.

Ready, Set, Sleep!

<>Don't settle for mediocre sleep, not when every night you could have the best sleep of your life with these 8 tips for staging your bedroom into a sleepy retreat!