A Dance With Three Partners

A Dance With Three Partners

written by: Ms. Nancy Miller
by: Ms. Nancy Miller
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We can go through phases of our lives that are bright and sunny full of light and energy that is even hard to contain in simple things like words. Punctuation interrupts the flow of thoughts, ideas, and energy. At other times, it feels like a shadow is passing across our energy field leaving a trail of emptiness.

The passion has waned and the heart asks what is next. This morning the United States will see a partial to almost total eclipse of the sun. An article in Science Daily, says, "A total eclipse is a dance with three partners: the moon, the sun and Earth," said Richard Vondrak, a lunar scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. "It can only happen when there is an exquisite alignment of the moon and the sun in our sky." This quote made me think about how we have a dance with ourselves; the heart, the mind, the body. There are times when one part of ourselves overshadows another part, but rather than being out of alignment, maybe one part just needs more attention than another.

I have been feeling very stuck this year. It is like my body is overshadowing the other parts of myself since it has needed a lot of attention. I say that I have had health hiccups because it seems like one after another. But since I keep slowly moving forward taking care of the part of me that needs the most attention, while I continue learning and working on what needs to be done, I can see this shadow as an alignment that needs to take place.

You could call this reframing the situation, changing perspective, or appreciating an exquisite dance with self. Each part of ourselves needs special attention at one time or another. The heart or soul may be searching, the mind might be exploding with ideas, or the body might have too much of a good thing like an overgrowth of cells in all the wrong places.

I am learning to respect each part of myself and see the shadow not as an interference with my intentions or goals, but a new dance that will bring to light an awareness of a new resource, ability, or character that I have never used before.

As a Life and Career Coach, I am often reminded that we have so many resources and abilities within ourselves that we are not aware of until something or someone brings clarity into the dance to give it rhythm and purpose. When you experience the eclipse through media, pictures, or special glasses remember the shadow of the moon briefly passes across the sun to create an amazing experience shared around the world.

When your sun is so bright you feel overwhelmed or the shadow is crossing your path, seek out a friend, mentor, or coach for support, clarity, and accountability to create the life and work you want. Don't know what you want? I have tools to help you with that too! Where are you in your cycle of creativity and productivity? I would love to hear from you. Comment or send me a message at, connect@nancyjmiller.com.