A Look At August 2017

A Look At August 2017

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
August 2017 August 2017

Often times as we move into August the energy softens a bit. People will tend to relax and enjoy the waning of the Summer, and indulge in the pleasures of life. Usually this is a time for play, joy, and doing things in big and grandiose ways. It is a time to move forward and to get recognition in many ways.

However, this year the Lion won't be sleeping in the Summer Sun. We are more likely to see the Lion stand up and Roar. The key will be, though, that the Lion displays it's power only as a means of not being trampled on. It is important that it does not move in reaction or let the power it owns to get out of control; as it exercises it's ability to stand up for itself.

This example is quite key as we look at the codes for this month. August on it's own is all about where we would like to "redeem" ourselves. It is about getting out of the box and control of others. It promises success in the areas that we put our attention on; and assistance in bringing that to be.

In 2017 the wheel of fortune in this month turns in a way that things can go big really fast. We may get the help needed to go big; or we could get more help than we need too. The key will be to discern where you are getting help from and who is helping you. This month demands integrity with forward movement; and without it you enter patterns of power misused which will not play out favorably.

The main part of the month finds us with a need to speak and be heard. It is important though to choose our messages carefully, as our words will have more power than normal at this time; and will have a strong impact on our ability to come into greater union with ourselves and others. It is important to keep the bigger picture in mind when making our choices; and not just go for the immediate glory and impulsive satisfaction. So in some ways, this can favor relationships that are meant to last a lifetime; but can also separate us from those that are not going to be able to go the distance.

The last week or so of the month we will find a more disruptive energy; not so characteristic to the normal patterns of wisdom energy that create a harvest. While things will be most noticeable at this point in the month; we can expect a bit of turbulence throughout the month. It is important to realize that our thoughts and words will help or hurt more than usual. Thus all the more reason to choose things based on what opens the heart and love energy.

In this month we are likely to find those that have felt restricted, walked on, unappreciated majorly breaking free. There is a lot of rebellious energy, especially where others have been making choices for us. You might say the Lion has been poked and prodded enough; and it isn't going to take it any more.

As a result, it will be wise to leave lots of flexibility in your schedule. We are likely to have unexpected shifts and changes that come up suddenly. Ride with them and go for the adventure. This is your chance to get out of ruts. However, remember as you step into your own power and influence with others; that you do so with a compassionate heart.

This is the time to put an end to victim patterns; and those that are normally in command or ruling without compassion may find themselves at a disadvantage during this time. The tables are turning, and power shifts are happening. World affairs may see some turnover during this month; and big business will not be favored. This is a time of the individual, creative, and free spirit rising.

During this time successes can also happen at a magnitude that try to get us to set aside our spiritual needs or ethics; so be careful what is offered. Remember balance, balance, balance. True success will not require you to give up yourself or your ethics. Be careful of the sacrifices you are being asked to make or feeling forced to make at this time; the price may be too high.

As rebelliousness arises during the last part of the month; make certain that you stay out of the competition and avoid taking sides. Do not let yourself get swept up in the battle. Those that are able to hold a loving heart may find themselves in a role similar to a mother that is trying to stop her children from bickering with each other. We will likely see revolutionary energy and actions happening wherever things have been suppressed.

Take the time to check in with yourself and talk things out, get to some solutions, and stand up for yourself. See where you feel confined and restricted and put things in place to create greater room for you to move in. Tune into where your stress points are and get yourself some play and de-stressing activities in your life so that you don't explode on others.

The Lion's Gate Portal on August 8th this year is all about shining light on those that have been suppressed. This portal opens the opportunity for the meek to begin to take command. However, as I have mentioned; it is important that they do not become the tyrants that they have been under.

So in summary, be ready to go. Consciously and by choice make the shifts and changes that provide greater freedom and movement. Stay open and ready to move on a moment's notice. Stay ethical and compassionate as you gain greater control of your life. Stay out of conflict, competition, and away from rebellious people. Find ways to keep your balance; and know your stress points so they don't turn into disruptive bombs.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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