A Look At December 2917

A Look At December 2917

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
December 2 2016 December 2 2016

As we enter December, so many people are focused on the holidays; and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. They are ready to experience a little magic in the air. This month can often bring up a whole array of feelings and emotions in people.

December on it's own, brings to us an inner strength. We are seeking or focused on deeper connections, meanings; and in general our own power or influence in the world. It is a time for wanting to know the truth about people and things in our life and there is often times a yearning for getting beyond the superficial. There is more than simply money that weighs into our decisions on things.

This can also be a time where we experience a lot of uncertainties, have triggers of unresolved pain, and find out who is truly there for us. This is the piece that leads to struggle during the holiday season; and can be at the source of depression for those that have a hard time. It is the uncertainty that is often times the most unsettling.

What is interesting, is in the realm of codes uncertainty runs on a code pattern of relationship and connection. It shows us that true relationships and love will often surface during this time; both because we open to it, and also because people draw to the vulnerability we are in. The key with uncertainty is to release the control of things, and to simply allow yourself to be open to who shows up and is present for you.

In it's plural aspect in codes, we find that we are on the edge of breakthroughs, successes, victories, and having our efforts pay off for us. This certainly shows that we have nothing to fear with uncertainty; however, we may need to adjust our thought patterns to realizing that it is within uncertainty that amazing doors can open for us.

In 2017, we find that December will find many people wanting to withdraw a bit more or feeling extra lonely. For some, they will embrace an aspect of hibernating, where they can be with their own thoughts; and delve deep within themselves. They will delve into the wisdom within them, and connect with the wisdom that resonates on a very personal level.

For others, they will need extra attention; due to not dealing well with being on their own. Those in relationships may seek out extra assurance that things are ok. For many, they will not want to be in large groups of people; but will prefer the company of close friends, family, and partners.

This month can be extra challenging for those that are already feeling pushed to the limits. Stress and anxiety are running high right now. As a result, we want to give ourselves extra time, seek to do things during non-peak hours, and choose simplicity. The more that we can keep things simple, the easier it will be to manage any feelings of stress.

It also means, that we need to honor time out for something soothing and calming. We will want to keep to having time to meditate, take a hot bath, relax with some herbal tea, or in some other way just take time out and be still. It will be more important than normal, to provide yourself with balance. Balance between work and home, self and others, indulgence and health.

During the first 2 ½ weeks of the month is when we will see the greatest exposure on where we are living a lie, or where others are not in integrity with us. This will be most evident in relationships and partnerships in our lives. However, it will also give us a chance to stand up and be heard. This can be a great time to voice what you need to get out.

As a matter of fact, the more we can get out into the open right now; the better things will be. This period is about standing your ground, and taking charge of your own life, instead of letting others run it for you. This can also be a time where we can receive second chances, or breathe some fresh air into things in our life; or where we could get a second chance with someone. This is known as the redeemer pattern; because it is an energy current that gives us the opportunity to redeem ourselves in some way.

In the realm of my codes redeem is to do something over again from our wiser self. If you have thought you would like to do something different; and have learned some valuable lessons, you just may get that chance at this time. By getting things out in the open, it can clear the air in a way to have a second chance with others. Much of what leads things to go awry, is because we do not speak up and share what is really happening.

During the last 1 ½ weeks of the month, we start to feel personally stronger. We have a strong sense of our place in the world; or what we want our place to be. Our thoughts turn to how we want to direct our lives; and how to have greater command over what is happening in our lives. People may have a strong desire to be alone, in order to gather their thoughts on this.

This part of the month, continues to favor speaking up and getting heard. As the saying goes, you can't get what you need if no one knows what you need. If there is something that you are wanting or needing; then let others know. If you have been holding things in, then let them out.

This time also favors wrapping things up and completing things. It is a great time for putting things in order; and for simply creating a clear slate to work from as you get ready to enter the new year. Tie off those loose ends; and then take some time to sit back and reflect on the victories and achievements that you have had this year. It is great for us to remember just how far we have come, the lessons and blessings that have come to us.

This last week and a half has a big emphasis on love, peacefulness, and immortality. It will serve us well, to enter the New Year in a peaceful space. It will serve us well to make peace with ourselves and others. It will serve us well to connect with our compassionate selves, which know how to love unconditionally. It will serve us well to connect with what is immortal; and to find the immortal pieces that are present within other people and things and in the world in general.

In codes, the immortal is where we make our own decisions. These decisions are made from our soul self. We choose from the heart and are not swayed by material things or others. We are willing to stand alone to do what needs to be done. To be in immortality is to stand in your whole self; fully in command of your life, standing as a positive influence and inspiration to others.

The key points this month are go deeper and connect with the truth of people and things in your life. Embrace your uncertainties and rejoice in the potential they have to offer you. Give yourself extra time, and be certain to provide balance and calm to your life. Keep things simple, and take time to be still. Speak up about what you need or need to say; let things out, and create second chances or clear the air. Tie up loose ends, and complete things and put them in order. Connect with what is immortal, making your own decisions from your soul self.

Compassionate Blessings ~ An

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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