A Look At February 2018

A Look At February 2018

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
February 2017 February 2017

February on its own tends to open us to new thoughts, ideas, and concepts. It has a tendency to awaken our thirst for knowledge; particularly that knowledge connected to how the

universe works, alchemy, and the ways of nature. It brings us the wisdom of understanding how to create success, achieve a victory, and bring a more favorable future for ourselves.

However, as we blend it with the energy of 2018; we begin to find who is truly in command. Now, there will be many leaders and government rulers, the elite and several others; who will want to believe that they are in charge of everything. However, while they are spinning their webs of lies and deception all over; those that have managed to stay out of their dramas and plots are surfacing. Those that have been cast aside now seem to take a greater presence.

This is not because they are deliberately surfacing and vocalizing; but because, they are not swept up in the worldly antics. They become noticed because their way of living with a focus on keeping their peace and freedom, is more noticeable among all of the chaos; and it is from this we see a greater awakening beginning to happen. Those that are truly in command are those that are walking their talk on their own accord.

However, what is evident this month on a global level; will be a shift in power among world leaders. Those that have followed poor advice will, crumble as a result of it. Many in power fall because they surround themselves with people that make unwise decisions. This can also lead us to see lots of shifts in those that hold the supporting positions to world leaders. A command cannot be held, if one is surrounded by people choosing unwisely.

What we see as all of this is coming together on Earth, is that people will be seeking what is of real and true value. We will see that people are tired of the games; and will seek more and more ways to step out of them. This will lead to, especially more spiritually focused people, moving more into isolation and stepping away from the antics and the drama of the world. This is not about ignoring what is happening; but simply not wanting to be a part of it, or support it.

Unfortunately, when power plays rise among world leaders; it is often the people that will pay the price. Through this, we will see some that will find their voice, and many that will awaken further to living a purpose filled life; and focusing less on material pursuits. It is in this shift, that governments will seek to make it harder for people to have freedom. However, because in many ways, it comes back to these fundamental rights; more people will look into personal sustainability, living off the grid, and also options for living in ways unable to be controlled by others.

During the main part of the month, there can be stress and tension; or a sort of ominous lingering anxiety about. It comes as there is a surfacing of strange happenings and phenomena. When we combine that with other influences we could see more weather events connected to HAARP, power plants, and "natural" disasters in general; as Mother Nature tries to balance these things.

Many, especially empaths, may feel a sense of "death" at this time. However, this can also be closure and transformation. There is a great amount of transformation and re-birth energy at hand this month; and we will particularly see this where there is stress and tension, where there has been great suffering. In a sense, this time is really about bringing an end to suffering.

A little later in the month we find that things come around again in our lives. The end of the month could have a strong sense of Déjà vu, people returning into our lives, and situations repeating; all to see if we will handle them from our current perspective and wisdom, instead of repeating the past. The actions and decisions we make determine what kind of luck we generate in our lives.

A big key in this time is to use balance. Materialism will be doing all it can to break down our spirits, and dash our hopes. However, it will be up to us to find the strength; and to hold our values, and stand in our light. Right now, your spirit needs nourishment and care; just as much as meeting responsibilities in the world, and perhaps even more so.

So the key points for this month are to stand strong in your soul self and keep it well nourished. Embrace the transformation at hand; so that suffering can be eased. Stay out of power plays and drama. Keep your focus on nourishing peace and freedom in your life.

Actions to focus on

Take steps this month to trust yourself. Look for avenues to create greater freedom in your life; and start releasing responsibilities and material things that have no real value. Take steps that help you to simplify your life. What feels heavy and overwhelming; and what gives you joy? What can you do to consolidate and streamline things; so that you have more free time available? Focus more on being in settings and doing things that inspire you.

What to focus your thoughts on

From the 1st through the 18th it will be important to focus on completing responsibilities and obligations that you have committed yourself to. It is important to bring closure to what you have already started; so that your mind is clear to move forward. By freeing up your mind, in this way; we open ourselves to be able to completely revise our perceptions and mental processes.

When we allow ourselves to close old thought patterns that are no longer serving us; we open ourselves to total possibility, and soul transformation. We open new neural pathways, which allow us to see life with greater clarity; and enter into lucid thinking. Our brain is longing to explore new worlds right now; but in order to do that it needs to be free from heavy thoughts and responsibilities.

Nourishing the soul

During the first week and a half of this month, our soul naturally longs for connection; and it is not just because we have Valentine's Day and hearts everywhere. It is seeking interaction, communication, relationship. Now, while partnerships and relationships are favored at this time, there are also some cautions that we need to pay attention to.

It is during this time that we are prone to think a little chemistry, and the physical body reactions, are a true soul connection. There may be all kinds of sparks, and the desire to connect can leave us a little blind to what is real and what is not. In essence, what is started at this time; will require time to see its true colors.

We have an aspect at this time that is again that material energy trying to override the spiritual energy. This leaves the body's cravings often times overpowering the soul's wisdom. It will be best to stay away from major business deals; because what sounds too good to be true, probably is at this time. We get swept up in possibility and all reason goes out the window.

During the rest of the month, we find that how much we stand in our soul self; will greatly influence us in a much bigger way. We are under magnified effects here. The soul energy is seeking to find a place and purpose right now; a sort of mission to focus on. As a result we will be wise to put our attention on things that help others, and that bring people together in positive ways. Our time will best be spent on things that create lasting value. Spend some time, working with others on a worthy cause.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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