A Look At July 2017

A Look At July 2017

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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When I look at the codes for July, it gives us a little more insight about the symbology of Cancer; and the ability to withdraw from what can seem like a cold and harsh world. The month of July tends to trigger all of our insecurities; and where we feel that there is danger or treachery from others. It shows us where we are being controlled, silenced, and where our trials and challenges are. Few people like to face these things, and thus it is quite natural to be like the crab who retreats into it's shell and won't come out until these storms have passed.

When our victim patterns are triggered it is natural to want to crawl away. Victim patterns, also trigger our emotions; thus it is harder to see life and situations clearly and objectively. in turn this leads us to be more sensitive to what is happening, more reactive, and feel as if life is worse than it is. Many world events during this month have been based around human and animal rights, and have been based on attacking those in helpless positions. Thus it is easy to see the connection of personal and global patterns that surface in this month.

I have found that for those that can face these patterns and/or take time to withdraw in a way that provides reconnection to self and personal values, or to step out of victim patterns; they will be able to find benefits within the challenges. So a personal retreat instead of a retreat of fear. Removing oneself from where we feel controlled; and releasing those that choose to betray us; which opens the door to great freedom and renewal.

When we look at July in connection with this year of 2017, we get an unlocking of ancient wisdom from within. It is a drawing on our inner resources to raise ourselves out of long standing initiations and tests; and perservering into success. It offers us an opportunity to advance out of our victim patterns; and achieve victory over perpetuating patterns that have drained us almost relentlessly.

During most of this month we are gifted with opportunities to take greater command of our life through connecting with our whole self. It is choosing the things that have true meaning; the non-material experiences that offer us transcendence. It is setting aside material things to nourish the soul self with a richness that money cannot touch. The phrase "money can't buy happiness" really rings true at this time.

During the main part of the month we will also find a desire for time alone, a time for reflection. We are likely to be re-directed to the simple (and FREE) pleasures in life. It will be best to be conservative with money, and unexpected expenses may arise; however, you will get through this. You just might find some greater blessings as a result; if you are open to getting a little creative and willing to enjoy the gift of a starlit night over a night out on the town.

As we move into the last part of the month. we continue to have a need to operate on our own. It is important that you don't let others influence you at this time; since they will probably not steer you in a direction that is good for you. It is important to meet responsibilities first; and play with what is left over. This is a time where your voice can be heard; but likely to only happen if you are a person that walks their talk.

If you are willing to exercise a little more conservative wisdom now, you stand to gain big later. Much like the farmer that tends to their crops, and then reaps a stronger harvest for doing so. Where you choose to stand on your own and operate responsibly; is where you will be able to take greater command of your life.

This last part of the month encourages finding ways to engage your creativity. It is a time to explore your options for how you will carry out your own plans and create greater freedom in your life. It is about laying the foundations of a favorable future.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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