A Look At March 2017

A Look At March 2017

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
March March

March is a month that is about interweaving through a variety of circles and people. Progress does not come by standing in polar opposition. Personal power is found when we are willing to simply be in observation, gathering information.

This month is the closing of one seasonal year and the start of the next seasonal year. It marks the transition of Winter into Spring. Through observation we can know what to release and what to invest our energy in and grow with. The new is born in the seeds of last years harvest. Do you remember the intentions and desires you set forth last Fall? This is what will be sprouting.

March is a great time to make connections, to build our resources, and to take action based on observation. If we will simply watch and pay attention to what is happening, then it will be clear what action will serve us best. The plants do not analyze when to grow; they observe and respond based on what they are seeing/receiving. When they observe warmth, they begin to sprout; and when they observe cold they become dormant to reserve their strength.

The same is true for us. Where people are cold and harsh, it is important to be cautious; and where people are loving and supportive we can open and grow. Everything is right in front of us if we will simply observe and listen.

If we are wisely using our power, we can also receive assistance during this time; both Earthly and Spiritual. This assistance comes through connections, mentors, and partnerships; and is designed to help us create greater stability for the long haul. When we are looking at solid foundations, we must also use patience. A family is not built by the birth of a child; but through the patience and love and time. It is built by taking things slowly to see one through the seasons of life; and charting our way through growing pains, for both children and parents.

This month is a good time to seek out the advice, insight, and consultation of mentors and those with wisdom and experiences that can assist you with the tools needed to see you through. For many there will be a sense of relief, as things that they have waited for begin to come through. A realization that all is working out in perfect and Divine timing.

The main part of this month can feel a bit disruptive as we move through changes, shifts, transformations, and adjustments. It is important to take care of you; and be extra careful. There may be a tendency to push too hard as we feel deadlines and time restraints; however, if we allow ourselves to become too fatigued and don't honor what our physical selves truly need we are setting ourselves up for danger. This is when unexpected misfortunes can enter the picture.

This is no different than trying to drive a car when you haven't slept for a day. It makes you very prone to getting in an accident or falling asleep at the wheel. Relationships and friendships could part ways at this time due to deception.

The challenges that you get at this time will be important soul lessons that are necessary for the phase of life you are entering into. The more you resist, the harder it will feel. It is also important to make your own decisions and plans, as others may be unreliable or suddenly have to shift plans. It will be valuable to allow flexibility and keep an openness when scheduling things.

I do not suggest making major decisions or signing contracts during the first 3 weeks of this month as it will be easy to miss things in the fine print. Stay away from fast talkers and high pressure sales people; otherwise you may find yourself signing away things that will create more headaches than pleasures for you.

As we enter into the last part of the month, things take a more pleasant and harmonious turn; and not a moment too soon. This is where you can see how weathering the "storm" of your challenges, and how you have handled them; will provide you with beautiful victories and blessings. As we enter into Spring we regain control over our lives; and are able to feel and be in greater command and power over what is happening.

Intellect, working from wisdom, and creativity will bring the victory. This means you want to find ways to get through things with what you have in hand; instead of going for the shiny objects or dangling carrot. You have everything you need, you just need to take the time to think things through a bit.

Again carry out your own plans for you are laying the seeds for a successful harvest and a fortunate and bountiful future. Your actions, attitude, thoughts and perspective will be the garden that you produce and the food that you eat. Will you eat foods that assist your digestion, and bring you peacefulness and happiness? Or will you eat the foods that pollute your body and break it down creating disease, anger, and illness that produces an unpleasant existence. the choice is yours.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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