A Look At March 2018

A Look At March 2018

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
March March

A Look At March 2018

March is often times a more "ordinary" month other than there tending to be an increase in dreams, visions, and intuitive flashes. On its own, it is a time of learning and sharing information with others; and a time where our voice can be heard, through more peaceful ways. However, it does always feel like there is a little "magic" in the air; which may be connected to it being a major part of the natural cycles and seasons. It is the month where temperatures begin to noticeably shift; and leaves and plants emerge or begin to fade depending on where in the world you are.

This year, however, March is likely to feel a little "heavier" than normal. It is going to tune us into the responsibilities and obligations that we have at hand. In a sense it is a time to buckle down and simply take care of what needs to be done.

Normally, this month also favors socializing; but not this year. This is a time for you. Partnering with others right now, is likely to bring way more strife and drama than it is worth. This comes from receiving poor advice from others; even if it is not intentional. You will do much better to go within, and have some conversations with your soul self.

This month also calls us to do some deep reflective work. It is a time to really look at the path that you are walking. Be honest with yourself about where that path is taking you; and where you need to shift gears.

Simplicity and simple things is a great focus this month. The simpler things are, the more fulfilled you will be. Also, the simpler you keep things in life right now, the easier it will be to meet obligations and responsibilities; which are a top priority this month. This is a great month for making an extra payment on that credit card or loan payment. Doing so will bring greater rewards for you. As a matter of fact, the more responsible you are, the more you will receive back at this time.

However, we have an additional unexpected component to March this year. On a global spectrum, we also have a code pattern of disruption. This is likely to come in many ways. First, we are likely to see a great more rebellion coming from Mother Earth herself. There is likely to be a surge of "natural disasters"; and this is most likely going to come in water connected channels such as Hurricanes, Tornados, and Floods from Heavy Rains.

We have gone too far, and she will be cleaning out areas. Because of our connection with responsibilities; we may see more happening around larger cities, or connected with things that are not being environmentally friendly. This means that we could be seeing massive upheaval and disruption.

In addition, there is likely to be more revolutionary action happening this month. We may see things in the form of policies or decisions that bring about protests. Key words that will be in the middle of it or surrounding it will be prevention and failure. This is likely to show that revolutions or uprisings will surge to prevent something; or out of something being banned or prevented or blocked.

The decisions made at this time are likely to be emotionally made; or made from a space of rebellion. They are likely to create stress and strife in the masses; even with those that might support the decisions. They are also likely to have a huge impact on our future.

The key with all of this is to find "peaceful" solutions; like a peaceful revolution. How we handle this turbulence, strongly shows the path our future will go. The more we use war and high aggression, the more strife we create for ourselves.

Our lesson here is, to learn unconditional love. That is the one thing that brings us into a balance; and in particular balances the masculine and feminine polarities. It is very important that we get this lesson of loving EVERY person. This does not mean agreeing them, but simply radiating love to ALL.

If we handle things with war, aggression, and violence; we only create more strife and devastation, which affects not only humans, but all of life on Earth as well as Earth herself. When we spend our time hurting others, it is not really them that we hurt; but in reality we hurt ourselves and all that we love and that loves us. This is one of the greatest distortions, that of believing we can solve anything with violent energy patterns. If peace is what we want, then peace is what we need to be.

The main part of this month is very important, especially with the current influences at hand. That is because our choices during this time can really turn things around. This is a period that carries the redemption energy codes; that means that if we wisely use this period, we will use it to make different choices in our responses. It is a time for us to shift gears, and resolve things before the violence breaks out. It is about breaking destructive cycles and patterns.

When we look at how that plays out specifically this year, it connects us to patterns and triggers related to deprivation and unworthiness. This connects into the bigger global patterns of emotional abuse. Now, even if someone is not aware that the emotional abuse is what is triggering them; it will be in the root of what creates someone to snap. When someone feels that they have nothing to lose; this is when we see the strongest reactions and actions. This comes from a desire to reclaim one's own sense of power.

We could see a sort of revenge or backlash on material things; and people with money. What is behind this is a sense of feeling lost, outcast, and worn down from what feels like one unfortunate happening after another. The spiritually based person, and the wise person; realize that this is a period that favors being on one's own. It is a period to go within and disconnect from the outer world.

When we combine that with the responsibility patterns at hand, it is a time of willingly releasing material things from our life. Take time to clear out what you don't really need or use. I suppose you could say that Spring Cleaning will have a bigger impact than normal this year. Those that flow with this will create greater blessings in their life.

Where people try to covet and hold onto their material things; especially those things that are connected to gaining self-recognition, greed, and other unhealthy emotional patterns; we are likely have greater disruption. Basically, whatever pattern is being chosen will become magnified. A greedy person will become even greedier; and a humble person will seek out even more humble ways of living. This pronunciation of things will bring many to shift directions and change course; hopefully, in ways that are wiser and more supportive of the planet we are living on and kinder to those that share this space with us.

In so many ways, these first 2 ½ weeks of the month bring into the spotlight making wiser choices. Success and abundance can only be found where we are choosing loving and sustainable options. Things that are not in alignment with this are also things that we need to be walking away from.

In the last 1 ½ weeks of the month, things can get a bit more aggressive. This comes out of where people are feeling stressed, anxious, or have a sense of suffering. It is important that we look at being responsible with our emotions right now; because explosive reactions may not be able to be undone. It will be important to be accountable for what we are feeling, and how we are treating others.

Take time to check in and see where you might be manipulating others or placing them in a victim position; and take the time to change that. Outbursts are going to come from those that are feeling like trapped animals; or want to prove to others, that they will not be controlled and used. A sort of "enough is enough" theme happening.

The biggest backlash we will see, is where there has been manipulation and deception involved. It will be a time of discovering who our true friends are and who is not; and this could bring a sudden parting of ways between people. While this period is likely to be harsh for some people; it will be a time of great learning, as we face the reality of things and people in our lives. One of the greatest things we can keep in mind during this period of making choices; is that our greatest alliance is to the Divine Self and Universal Laws. No human connection or situation is worth sacrificing our morals and ethics for.

Those that are able to make clean cuts and re-direct into positive paths can truly succeed at this time. For them, it will be a huge easing of their load; and they may wonder why they didn't do it a long time ago. This can truly be a great period of finding our happiness, and connecting with what truly matters; as we let go of the distortions that we have been holding onto. Those that have the strength to stand up for themselves in positive ways, are sure to become a great source of inspiration for others; for they will become the leaders and the guides for others to also make the changes that are needed.

Here are our key points for the month. Things are likely to have some strong shakeups, but things don't have to be rough; if we get responsible and take action on things willingly. Seek peaceful paths of revolting or breaking free. This is a great month to shift gears and change course; a time to release unhealthy patterns in our lives. Focus on emitting love to ALL, even if you don't agree with them.

Actions to focus on

From March 1st – March 17th we want to focus on doing things that will place us in a stronger position in this world. It is a time of doing what needs to be done, in order to create greater long term freedom. However, this may not be a time of forward movement; as much as understanding the current choices you are making.

It is important that what you do has meaning and purpose behind it. Ask yourself if what you are doing is, in alignment with your soul. Are you feeling passionate about the direction you are going in life? It may be time to shift gears to get into stronger alignment. Is what you are doing, what your heart can feel good about?

When what we do is in alignment with the soul and the heart; we create a flow where miracles happen, and life feels more fulfilling. When we do things only for money or that conflict with our soul and heart; we create challenges and hardships for ourselves. Take the time to learn the lesson that you need to get from your present way of being, and to ask these deeper questions; then set in motion a path that brings greater alignment for you. Forward movement will not happen at this time, until this lesson is learned.

If we do not make the changes, we place ourselves in a position of living a lie. This in turn leads to conflict and competition. When that pattern unfolds it puts us on a path of having to start over and over again. Instead, let your starting over be about a life that you, and others, can live with; something that sustains you not only now, but in the future.

From March 18th through the end of the month, it is a great time to focus on finding a mentor to help you move in that direction of alignment. For those, already living in that alignment; you may find yourself mentoring others at this time. This is a great time to expand your options, connections, and resources. Do lots and lots of observing, look at all the different viewpoints; so that you can learn from the different perspectives.

Once you have gathered information based on personal observation; implement your knowledge in practical and responsible ways. This would be like having one group saying we need to focus on the environment; and another saying we need to focus on jobs and employment. Well, then the action would be to focus on jobs that support the environment. The solutions are really not as hard as we make them; if we will only step out of the conflict and stop arguing about things.

What to focus your thoughts on

From March 1st – 7th, we are shown that we create success by focusing on turning our thoughts around; basically changing our way of thinking. When we think only with the human mind, we create narrow thinking that provides unsustainable and destructive options. When we look at things through the soul's eye, we create win/win situations that provide fulfillment and joy.

There is a balance to be found; and these few days may challenge you to hold positive thoughts in the midst of distortions and naysayers. Don't be afraid to say you don't buy into those materialistic programs; and ways of thinking. Keep your choices practical, as this will serve you best right now.

March 8th – 31st, is really about letting go of those distortions and old ways of thinking. It is time to let our programming die off; and open to new possibilities. This is a time to really engage creative thinking; and to be like the artist and color outside of the lines. Better yet, realize those lines are not only meant to be crossed; but don't even actually exist.

Choices are to be made from the soul's wisdom; and the lessons you have already learned in this life. Basically, don't repeat past mistakes; learn from them, and choose differently. This is a period where you may receive timely messages to assist you in letting go of things; and transforming the way in which you are seeing the world. As you transform your thoughts, you will draw in those that can assist you in getting them implemented and moving in a different direction.

Nourishing the soul

From March 1st – 6th, our soul is nourished through existing in wisdom. This can be a retreat that allows you to increase your wisdom, or simply by implementing the soul's wisdom into your daily life. Living by universal principles is a good guideline for this time. The soul gains freedom through personal expression at this time. This may involve speaking up for yourself or others in some way. It is choosing values over material rewards.

From March 7th -31st, the soul receives nourishment through relationships and working with others. This is about working together as a unified team, instead of going for personal glory. The strongest and most abundant harvests are created when everyone comes together. Celebrate the accomplishments made from helping one another; truly they will be more than anything money can buy.

The strange twist in this is, that we can feel alone even in a group; and that we may not receive acknowledgement for our efforts. This will truly tell if you are giving for the sake of giving and sharing; or if you are giving in order to receive something. In addition, we may need to take some personal time for processing.

The soul will be nourished when the action of giving is the reward. This is also true, when what we are giving is not based on material value. To give aid to those in need, food to the hungry, shelter to a homeless animal, and love from the heart; the reward is intrinsic in the action, and needs no recognition or reciprocation.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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