A Look At November 2017

A Look At November 2017

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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November is always strongly aligned with the Harvest energy patterns; and not just because Thanksgiving happens to fall in this month. This is a time where even among the busy-ness that is about, we find a quieter energy coming through. This month by nature is a time to rest a little and enjoy what is emerging and available to you, after a long year of work and creating. It is a time where we really start turning inward; and becoming reflective and introspective

As we know, 2017 has been our year of tides turning and fortune turning. For many there have been highs and lows throughout this year. It has been a real roller-coaster along the way. However, in our reflection we will find that even the "lows" have brought some big highs and accomplishments.

As we integrate that with November's energy we find it to be a wonderful time for partnerships, love, and connections. However, the relationships formed at this time are likely to have a superficial tinge to them. Now, if you are working on things that are all about the money, then they may work out well; however, there is always caution when that is the main focus, because rarely do such partnerships work out long term.

Any relationship that begins at this time will need to be given lots of time; for at some point when the glamour wears off, there needs to be something else to sustain the relationship. Most people will connect by appearances, or what they feel they can gain from the connection; as opposed to simply connecting, or connecting through the heart.

The first 2 ½ weeks of this month finds us exploring our curiosities; and many will expand their boundaries, and venture into new circles. This will be a time to broaden our base; however, it will also be wise to keep some space between you and others. In other words, not becoming too involved in what others are up to. It is a good time to observe, for when we do this, we have a better opportunity to see how people really are; and not just who they want people to see them as.

This can also be a time where others open up a lot and exchange information, or simply need someone to listen to them. It is good to talk things through, if you have someone that you can trust. Often times, people will just need someone to listen to them at this time; and in talking they will work out their own stuff, and come to their own solutions.

We will also find this to be a time where people will have a tendency to withdraw more, and want to be alone; or simply may feel alone, no matter how many people are surrounding them. People will not be very grounded, and may not complete thoughts or sentences; so make certain that you get clarity, and verify that others are getting what you are saying. This is a time where we are highly connected with Spirit and our Soul Self; and that can lead to some very deep insights and understandings.

Principles become more important than things; and it will be harder to buy others off. On one hand, people are more materialistic and superficial; and on the other they are completely wanting to be unattached to material things. Whichever, we are most worried about; or is our main focus right now, will be what we tend to gravitate to. It is also possible that people will be bouncing between these extremes.

During the last 1 ½ weeks of the month, we are finding a lot of deception energy. So those completely superficial relationships; may already start experiencing some trouble in paradise. Pay attention, because if people are operating on material patterns; they will say whatever they need to, in order to get whatever they want. Again, give things some time; and you will know what is true and what is not. Lies can not hold out over time.

It is during this time that people may find some successes; but also a time where they are likely to be tested on their integrity. Many people will face temptations of lies, deception, and manipulation in order to get the success that they want to have. This can only bring a temporary rise; before a very hard fall. Choose wisely, and resist the temptations to allow the real lies to be exposed; and to be able to acquire real success that is founded in happiness.

The key points this month are to be conscious if you are running on material or spiritual patterns. Be cautious in relationships; and take time for yourself and introspection to stay aligned with your spiritual and soul self. Observe and pay attention; and you will be able to unfold many hidden secrets and a great deal of information, that will show you the truth in things. Don't be deceived by good talkers. Avoid temptations to be manipulative or deceptive in order to gain success; hold onto principles and integrity and let that be your foundation for rising to success.

Compassionate Blessings ~ An

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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