A Look At September 2017

A Look At September 2017

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
September 2016 September 2016

There always seems to be a noticeable shift as September works it's way in. We start to feel that transition from the outer world to the inner world in a more noticeable way and the signs of Fall start showing their face, even if the Summer heat is still noticeable.

September is a month of getting real. That is not just about getting serious about life; but getting real with ourselves. For some, it seems like twists of fate; and even twisted fate at times, as the liars in our lives become more evident. However, this only happens so that we can build greater clarity and honesty with ourselves.

This time can also bring feelings of uncertainty, questions, challenges that make us wonder if we will make it. Yet, it is also our time to shine, to show what we have been learning and to take time to nurture ourselves. There are inner stirrings that long to come up; but are unable to as long as we hold the distortions in our lives. What shows itself as unreliable at this time, is what we need to let go of.

This month can be highly transformational if we allow it to be; and that is because it is not about others, but getting connected with ourselves. This year of 2017 shows that how real we are willing to get and how honest we are willing to be with ourselves can be a major catalyst in bringing that so called stroke of luck our way. The impacts of our choices this month; ripple through all of our existences and will affect things on a much bigger scale.

During the main part of the month we are given the opportunity to find our true successes; many may find themselves connecting with what may feel like their soul's purpose or mission in life. If we really focus on what has true happiness for us; then we can see the successes that bring happiness, a joy, and open us further to doing what we love. The challenge in this is that we must be very careful of how we use the power that comes our way. Used wisely, we perpetuate a cycle of blessings; and used unwisely, can easily bring our own demise.

During the main part of the month, you will want to have as few obligations and responsibilities to attend to as possible. Unexpected twists and turns are likely to surface; and we may need to suddenly shift directions, or be given opportunities that we will need to act on right away. This is also a time where it is important not to procrastinate, lest we find ourselves in a state of missed opportunities.

Signs, symbols, and messages of a soul nature are likely to be abundant at this time. It is likely to be hard to focus on mental tasks, or daily routine. Things that are done for the sake of money or out of obligation and don't resonate with the soul's way; and are likely to be a source of irritation and frustration for us. The key is to take lots of time to ground, and connect to the soul self. Communications are likely to be challenged; and thoughts left incomplete, so you may have to ask others to complete what they were sharing. Likewise, you may want to double check that you shared your full thoughts with others.

The last part of the month is all about bringing closure to our victim patterns in life. While those areas that we feel are overshadowed and unheard are not the most prominent aspect, there are some underlying aspects that can be triggered. For most, this is a time where they can experience a sense of victory and success; especially where they have done "the work" and stood in their soul self.

The theme of "where one door closes, another opens" is likely to be particularly true around the time of the Autumn Equinox. Wisdom brings our openings and successes. The wise person gratefully allows things to exit, and accepts that a door closes where there time is finished or because it is not the one for them. They then walk through the open door with excitement of the journey that lies within it.

Transition, transformation, completion; and connecting within to your abundant self are all major themes this month.

Our key points are: get real and drop the distortions, stay open and flexible and move when the moment presents itself without procrastination, pay attention to the signs and symbols and messages, stick to what resonates with the soul's way and passions, verify that you have fully communicated your thoughts with others, bring closure to situations that lock you into victim patterns, and stay focused on the opportunities of the doors that open.

compassionate blessings - An

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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