A Spiritual Pimple

A Spiritual Pimple

written by: Sudie Crouch
by: Sudie Crouch
Spiritual pimple Spiritual pimple

Have you ever noticed how it seems like you are doing the right thing, are on the right spiritual path, doing what you're supposed to–

And things just seem to go horrible wrong.

There's a reason for that, I've learned.

In Reiki, it's called a healing crisis.

You can be trying to make all these wonderful changes in your life, trying to evolve, release all the crap you need to, and as you're feeling pretty good about life and your path, something rears its head.

This happened to me recently. And it literally threw me for a loop.

I had just received my final attunement last Tuesday — on the Full Moon so I could fully release all the stuff I needed to — and then Wednesday, I woke up to an unexpected and upsetting occurrence.

"WHY is this happening?" I screamed silently in my mind.

I was trying to follow a more enlightened path and this junk was totally lowering my vibration.

And if you know anything about Reiki, you know one of the 5 Principles is "Just for today, I will not get angry."

Guess what? That principle was thrown out the window by 10 a.m.

The next day, guess what? ANOTHER kick to the crotch rolled in.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I thought.

For about a week now, I have been dealing with a few stragglers of this issue as well, including a few other things.

As I mentioned, it's called a healing crisis.

While we are shedding all these things, we go through these crises to help us heal them, so we can learn the lesson and let them go.

It reminded me of when I worked for a cosmetic company. The line I worked for was known for its skin care, which were pretty dang good.

BUT, sometimes, they caused people to break out.

Why? Well, several reasons. The main one being, the products were turning over the cells so newer skin could be revealed; this brought the new cells up to the surface quicker and sometimes, it caused a breakout.

Think about it this way: if your skin hadn't been properly cleaned and had the dead skin cleared away, you had a lot of gross dead skin, sebum, oil, and other yucky stuff on there.

You didn't notice it really, because you were used to it. The yuck was almost a grimy protective layer in a way.

But, when you started on a proper skin care regimen, it cleared off that yucky layer, leaving the skin fresh, clean, and open...but also caused the skin to react.

It hadn't been cleaned like that before — this was all new. So the skin reacted by breaking out.

Sometimes in a few spots, sometimes more.

And people brought the products back. They didn't want the breakout, they didn't want to wait through the process, they wanted their skin to be pimple-free, even if it was really gross and dirty. It LOOKED GOOD ON THE OUTSIDE.

Oh, dang...I thought...this is a spiritual pimple.

When we are on our spiritual journey, or any path, there are things that will need to be healed, released, let go in order to move up to the next level.

We can't progress with the same attitudes and mindset that we've held for years.

We have to deal with the stuff that comes up when are trying to move forward so we CAN move forward....

Even — or maybe especially — when it frustrates us, makes us cry tears of anger, and have our fits.

If we can deal with it once and for all...we can be free.

If you are on your path today and you find yourself going through a healing crisis, let me hold space for you to help you on this journey. Coaching is available via email or Facebook chat. Sometimes, just having an objective outside perspective can give you the boost you need.

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