A Step-by-Step Guide to Caring for Naturally Curly Hair

A Step-by-Step Guide to Caring for Naturally Curly Hair

written by: Angela Montenegro
by: Angela Montenegro
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Caring for your curly hair can be a pain in the behind; scrunching your curls for days, untangling it just to find another hidden nest of knots, and piling on loads of product just to keep it under control. We've been there; it's time to streamline your curly hair care routine and figure out the best steps to keeping your curls looking their best thanks to this step-by-step guide.

1. Use Less Shampoo

We grew up being told to shampoo every time we showered, but curly girls are finding they can go longer between washes and it actually makes their curls look better. Why's that? Every time you shampoo, you're sucking all the moisture and natural oils from your hair, which helps keep it frizz-free and smooth. Try and go 2+ days between shampoos and just let the steam from your shower refresh your hair.

2. Comb Hair in Shower

Ever noticed how hard it is to get the bounce back in your curls after you brush it? Brushing your dry curls breaks up the curls and makes it pretty hard for them to hold their shape. Try combing out your tangles in the shower after conditioning, and ditch the brush. Your hair strands will break way less, and your curls will keep their natural shape longer after you shower.

3. Deep Condition

Speaking of conditioning, it's hard to condition curly hair too much! Thick curls require a ton of moisture, so conditioning it every time you wash it is crucial. If you use hot styling tools like a diffuser or curling iron, make sure you apply a conditioning spray beforehand to help protect the hair. On top of that, settle in for a deep condition once a week to make sure your luscious locks get the TLC they need. Oils[1] are usually the best for curls because they help nourish them without weighing them down.

4. Sleep on Satin

If you're used to waking up to a head full of frizz, it's time to rethink your sleeping conditions. Try switching from a cotton pillowcase to a satin one; not only will you feel like a princess, but the satin helps keep hair smooth and bouncy. If you love wearing hats or hoods, find ones that are satin-lined inside to have the same effect all day long

5. Get Regular Trims.

It can feel like your curly hair takes an eternity to grow, but skipping trims isn't going to help it get longer. When the hair shaft splits, the split can travel upwards, causing long-term damage to the entire hair strand. Do yourself a favour and schedule regular trims every 6-8 weeks for hair so healthy, it shows.

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