Ahh and the Rains Come!

Ahh and the Rains Come!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Rains coming Rains coming

It is the night before Thanksgiving and the rain has started to pour down in buckets! What a blessed relief for our California fires and polluted air. It's been raining just a few minutes, I've turned on the fireplace, warmed up a hot cocoa and and just settling back to review a whole bunch of paperwork, something I don't usually enjoy, but for today, knowing it's moving me forward in growing my family I am cozied in and ready to work.

I'm keenly aware of the profound blessings in my life. My own great health and youthfulness, mother to Adelia and soon a little boy. My heart is overflowing with the joys of fulfillment and a content heart. As Adelia progresses through the terrifically challenging twos, I'm still so incredibly in love with my little darling. A love affair that will cross through time and space as together we add to our family and mature just a bit the way we relate to each other.

I realized just now as I looked out across my acreage, I forgot to take in the pillows and cushions, I was patting myself on the back for getting all the trash and recycling properly placed in there waste receptacles with lids firmly down..and then pop..a thought of oops, and then oh well this will be the rain that washes the dust from them and then once refreshed I'll bring them all into the garage for safekeeping.

It feels like the rain has just brought in a new season, of renewal and goodness, of restored hope and expansion. The air is brisk, which invites the cozy fireplace storytelling and singing songs before snuggling into bed for a long winter's night sleep.

I'm grateful for the inwardness of the season, and have been catching up this week with so many things needing my attention after a couple months of managing all life was bringing towards me at a rapid fire pace. It's okay. I like things moving along rapidly, it is my nature with 7 planets in fire, to burn through life with tremendous creativity and joy.

Time to start sorting out the dates, and events we'll be attending throughout the holiday season. I know Adelia will want to go to the aquarium and the Santa landing (Santa flys in on a helicopter). I have plans to catch the Nutcracker and Mamma Mia. Adelia starts ballet next Saturday and I start salsa lessons tonight.

Life is good. We're steadily preparing for little Virgil, who will join us in February if all goes well and safely of course.

Wishing you a very blessed start to your holiday season, see you in class es this week!