Alternative Diabetes Treatment, A Five-Step Plan

Alternative Diabetes Treatment, A Five-Step Plan

written by: Denise Pancyrz
by: Denise Pancyrz
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When considering an alternative diabetes treatment, realize it will take commitment and belief that you can reverse type 2 diabetes naturally. It can reduce and may even eliminate worrisome medication side effects.

Step 1: Create a health plan and write down your health goals. Most people spend more time planning a vacation. You may want to meet with your physician or diabetes coach to ensure your goals are clear and realistic. Always share your goals with your physician.

Step 2: Consume food that offers nutrition, not empty calories. Set a goal that no more than one-quarter of your plate is quality protein (grass-fed beef, wild salmon, organic chicken...). Over three-quarters of your plate should be filled with vegetables (fresh or frozen). Remember, corn is a grain, not a vegetable. Squeeze in a small amount of healthy carbohydrate such as quinoa, brown rice, or sweet potato.

Step 3: Eat until you are 80% full.

Step 4: Evaluate your breakfast. Are you eating a so-called "healthy" cereal? If so, I would reconsider. Cereal is not a food I consider part of an alternative diabetes treatment. Most have more carbohydrates than you need, preservatives, and unnecessary sodium. Vitamins and minerals are synthetically added. Think about last night's healthy dinner for breakfast, a green smoothie, or protein shake (chemical-free) with added greens, avocado, flax.) Do you need coffee to start your day? If so, what goes in your coffee? Sugar? Artificial sweeteners (which are chemical based)?

Step 5: Find ways to reduce stress. It may be a twenty-minute walk, go to the gym, or learning to improve communication when issues arise. Jump back into your favorite hobby. Long-term, uncontrolled stress can contribute to increased glucose and cortisol levels.

Doubtful these five steps are an alternative diabetes treatment? You're right, it's not a treatment. It's a lifestyle to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally. Processed and unhealthy food, overeating, high stress levels, and lack of activity contribute to chronic disease.

If you need assistance to reverse diabetes naturally, maybe it's time for a diabetes coach. Schedule your free diabetes reversal consultation.