An Ode To Orlie

An Ode To Orlie

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
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This week I wanted to do something a little different for my post. For those that have followed my journey and listened in to how the codes unfolded to me; you know that Orlie was the inspiration and source for that to happen. Orlie was the cat that I rescued from going over a waterfall; and who traveled 1 ½ trips around the U.S. with me over an 11 month period. She has shown me everything that I am and want to be in this world; through touching the lives of everyone she met, simply by being her.

May 12th marks 2 years from her passing. She waited until a few hours after Mother's Day to make her transition; and of course the day, setting, and everything was perfectly coded for her to do this. Had she passed a day earlier she would have passed in unfavorable codes; but instead she passed over in alignment with her greatest power. How could I expect anything less from her, since everything she did was teaching me the importance of things like this.

I decided that this month I would show you what Orlie and my time with her was all about; through the eyes of codes, of course. I chose her name, as it meant "bringer of light"; and she upheld that to the fullest. However, let's take a look at the story within this meaning and how it manifested for us.

In our ream of codes Orlie means a prosperous journey of healing, reflection, and trust that brings forth or creates balance in the material world.

To be prosperous in the aspect of codes is to be a "warrior" that creates sudden advancement in life; but threatens enemies in the process and risks being assassinated. I have no doubt that she understood this fully when choosing to connect with me. I didn't even know who some of those "enemies" were until she entered my life; and yes they did make attempts at getting rid of her and separating us, which I did not discover until later on in our journey. That ended a 27 year friendship; with someone that wasn't really a friend after all. Our code connection was too strong for this person to achieve fully what they set out to do.

To journey is to bring forth one's own power from a base of wisdom. It is to learn how to do one's own work and to carry it forward; bringing forth a harvest and abundance that nourishes not only one's self but many. The code insights that I work with in life and share in my work were unfolded to me through Orlie as we journeyed around the U.S. She taught me every day through her energy levels, expression, responses, and interactions all about the codes. She was opening me to this wisdom that would allow me to step fully into all that I AM.

A prosperous journey comes together in a way that opens a pattern of being able to carry on without reliance on others. It opens to being able to speak with eloquence, and to be heard by others. It allows for one to draw in what is needed, and to receive assistance and support. Every time I share information from a code perspective, people seem to listen; they seem to find the truth resonating within their message.

Healing in the aspect of codes is not about "fixing" anything; but about placing one in a position where they can receive success, be protected through stepping into their full potential and self. It is to receive support from those with influence, and to stand in command of one's own life. Our time together definitely brought this to me. With all I have done and experienced in life; it was when I spent time traveling with Orlie that I really discovered how to be in command of my life and to position myself for full alignment. It is when we are in alignment that we are able to receive the abundant harvest that is our true self.

Reflection in the realm of codes is not about resting into peace. It is about looking at the turbulence and where we are rebelling. It is looking at the upheaval and the revolutionary pieces; and where we feel failure. It is taking a look at what is preventing us from a favorable future. As we do this, it is then about using that wisdom to transform and make the necessary shifts to create blessings from the chaos; to use the destruction to create from.

Trust in the realm of our code insight shows us that victory comes as we journey through the challenges with joy and a strong knowing of self. Trust is not the unknown; but is assurance of great successes and happiness, the blessings of heaven pouring upon us. When we trust in the journey, and we take it on with joy no matter what our physical eyes see or the challenges that face us; we are sure to succeed. Trust is a sort of portal that we step into that opens our heart in full connection and compassion.

Balance, for many seems like it is an aspect of being without extremes. Yet, it is a love for the truth which provides healing that allows us to act wisely in divine timing which generates what appears to be luck which allows us to build our trust. Balance is the space that can feel like stagnation or a pause; because it is a time where we are learning, expanding our consciousness, and gaining greater understanding before moving forward.

The material world is again an aspect of chaos, turbulence, challenges. It is a call to bring in that which is not of this world for peace. It is that which can create confusion and disorient us.

So to have balance in the material world is to operate from the wisdom of the Divine or Soul Self in a way that creates calm to the turbulence, that eases challenges, and that brings alignment to what has been separated. It is to embrace the child within that feels lost and unloved, with unconditional love and safety.

As I bring all of these components together of what Orlie was and is in my life; and the continual inspiration that she provides without the use of a physical vehicle, it is something that leaves me in full humbleness and gratitude for our time together. These pieces come together in a way that has 2 key components.

The first is to stand fully in a wisdom that is more than this world. It is a wisdom that cannot be beat or taken. It is to become connected with ourselves fully in alignment. It is to not be governed by the material world; and when need be to set aside material persuasions and comfort for what needs to be done willingly. The interesting piece, is that the soul self never feels deprived or uncomfortable in this process; because it knows what comes forth in it's place is an abundance beyond all the wealth and comforts of the Earth.

The second is a connection to the wisdom of the multi-verse. The wisdom which is timeless, and applies at any time in any place. It is an understanding of all of the components involved and not just one piece. It is absolute freedom, where one cannot be persuaded away from the truth; and operates within full truth and understanding, and takes action joyfully from that.

I am constantly unfolding the magnificence of what this soul brought not only to my life; but to many others. Her gift and light on this Earth was the most beautiful experience. I am blessed to be able to work with all she showed me and continues to show me; and there really aren't words for me to express the gratitude that I have for this. She was the light and love of my life; and one that continues to shine and be in life, even without physical form.

Orlie, I will love you always – forever and ever.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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