Announcing Brain Study!

Announcing Brain Study!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Brain-study Brain-study

We currently have close to 190 people who has done the brain regeneration in the last month and I for one and extremely excited about our first Brain Regeneration study Using Quantum Activations. Here are the details:

Why is this study needed? This is the first study of its kind to quantify our many anecdotal seemingly miraculous results. In our academy and private sessions brain regeneration using the movement called the quantum pump technique and cellular neo genesis has been done and is common practice for 8 years. Through these years we have seen dramatic improvements in participants with a few simple rules to follow, meditation daily after the regeneration for 6 months, no alcohol or pain medications increased water intake and daily exercise outside if possible.

Why is this important? Although many individuals and their personal doctors and been amazed and surprised at the dramatic improvements that come, we've never charted for the 6 months the increased function of a study group. This research and the results coming from the study will give validation and recognizable credibility to those who seek help for issues like early dementia, ADD, poor memory and better focus and concentration along with many other brain issues.

What are we looking to show? Statistics on the rising increase of brain function over the 6 months as the cascade of new cell growth continues to play out, and how life changes improves or not for each individual. This is specifically related to the quantum field activations. We know that many people use the word quantum with no real knowledge of what they are talking about. This has given the quantum work a poor reputation among the scientifically minded sector. We are seeking to establish our specific work at our academy as pure, clean understandable and with specific understandable and repeatable steps that produce a good result consistently. We hope to raise the standard for all people using quantum as a buzzword, and establish a level of high professionalism for our peers to rise up to and certainly for our academy to establish credible quantifiable techniques and results specific to brain regeneration.

How are study participants being contacted, or how can they participate in the survey? We are using a survey form they receive once a month with a automated call reminder as well as each month in their trainings they are encouraged to sign in and fill in the form, and finally personal calls to those who need the extra help in getting it done. For participating in the study they're receiving 9 high frequency guided meditations they can use as they progress through their time in the study and beyond, each worth $30, which is a gifted compensation for participation of a $270 value, as a thank you for their time and willingness to help.

Pretty exciting stuff! If you haven't done your survey yet and you did the brain regeneration in Year of Miracles