April 16th - April 22nd

April 16th - April 22nd

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Achiah Achiah

April 16th - Apr;il 22nd

The first part of this week asks us to use love to balance things in our life; and to mend what has been broken. During these few days we have the opportunity to gain greater insight and understanding about things. The key will be to follow up on this and don't just rapidly jump on the information you get. Check it out for integrity, validity, and truth.

In these few days, it will serve us well to connect with our own natural beauty and that of others. Often times this can be found in the little quirks and things that make us who we are. We may also find others mirroring us during this time; so when dealing with them, treat them as you would like to be treated, because in essence they are you. This time is wonderful for letting out the artist within and focusing on creative endeavors; being everything from brainstorming, to connecting with your own talents, to just connecting with the arts.

The codes on this part of the week also show this to be a time of wisdom. A time where things may re-visit us so that we can operate from our wiser self; and to give us a chance to choose differently in the present than we have in the past. It is a time where we can also experience successes as a result of our efforts and the challenges that we have been willing to face in life. This is a time where your true beauty can shine; and you have the opportunity to assist others facing the same lessons in life that perhaps you have already learned. Remember to care for the person in this process; and don't get caught up just on the material side of things.

The second part of this week.reminds us to be patient. It may feel like you have been doing that for quite some time; and that can be challenging to do when you are coming off of creative energy that wants to be set in motion now. However, a little patience now; may make the difference between receiving a little blessing or receiving a giant blessing; or even any blessing at all. As they say don't rush miracles.

Use this waiting period to be in exploration. Explore the many possibilities available to you. It is also a good time to go somewhere that you have never been before or to work on things that are difficult and challenging and require patience to get through them. Things that have been hidden are likely to come to light at this time; and this information will help to guide you in your next step or offer opportunities of personal breakthrough. This time favors finding solutions, learning, and self-discovery.

The codes for this part of the week ask us to approach life from the heart; to seek out peaceful solutions in things. Those that operate from the soul self; are the ones that will benefit at this time. This is a time where we can connect with and experience what is eternal and unconditional in love. It also shows, this as a time where we can rise above the challenges and difficulties that we are facing; and create future blessings for ourselves.

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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