Are YOU a Candidate for P.I.D?

Are YOU a Candidate for P.I.D?

written by: Sister Crystal Mary Lindsey OutbackOzzieWriter
by: Sister Crystal Mary Lindsey OutbackOzzieWriter
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BEWARE – Ladies.

We live in a generation where sleeping around and having multiple sex partners and one night stands is considered the norm and even good fun as long as you don't get caught out with an unwanted pregnancy.

Unfortunately because women can use the pill and other forms of contraception they feel they are beyond the repercussions of their actions.

Yes there has been promiscuity down through the ages yet today we now understand more than ever the medical problems these actions may cause. Back in time, women couldn't understand why they failed to fall pregnant, suffered pain on intercourse or even died due to their actions. I can imagine the ignorance.

Young women, did you know that having sexual relations with a variety of men can lead to a serious medical condition known as - Pelvis Inflammatory Disease (PID)?? This is a serious infection involving all of a woman's reproductive organs.

A few symptoms: Yet they can be varied. Some women suffer no pain to much pain. Pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tubes (ectopic pregnancy), irregular heavy periods, fowl smelling discharge, urinary tract infections and


Diagnosis of PID is difficult and mainly discovered via Laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy is the current criterion standard for the diagnosis of PID

READ THIS ARTICLE and understand the repercussions. It's NOT just the after effect of having had a Sexually Transmitted Disease. It's more than you will imagine.

A Home Remedy: