Are you an Active and Early Implementer?

Are you an Active and Early Implementer?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Implementor Implementor

Do you feel like you miss out on important opportunities because of your planning skills and ability to make more room for yourself then just acting when it's almost an emergency?

I've been going through a radical transformation myself in this area and it's really amazing how I feel, different, more certain, calm, and hmm, just better inside.

Let me tell you how this started. I took a 9-part class on financial peace at our church. This class went through the steps needed to follow the Biblical principles of wealth accumulation and management. Even before I started in trainings I had made a decision to move, but as I attended these trainings, and then watched the replays, I began to think about my entire life differently.

I heard something I'd never heard before. 31% of Americans own their home straight out. No mortgage. Oka,y this is a very cool idea. I had not thought of that before, but why not? I'm not particularly in debt but had some money on cards, and realized there was a lot of money going to interest I just didn't need to pay. Also most Americans do not have savings, but we actually need 6 months of savings, a nest egg for a real emergency. So guess what, I started putting money in my savings account, and now have funds there. Adelia benefited as I was able to set up a 529 college fund for her. She'll have all the money she'll need for higher education when the time comes.

Being proactive, got me to make calls to prepare for our two trips this year — I have all the details lined up for both the one coming next week and the one in November. Flights, pickups, resorts booked — it's all done. And I now have mother's helpers starting June 1st...something shifted in my scope or ability to give myself a larger window for planning and comfort. (Oh and by the way a couple of those flights were free as I cashed in on some frequent flier miles!)

So what I'm wondering is how you are approaching your life? Are you planning for a year of trainings in advance? You could. Our calendar of trainings is up, or better yet our Apprentice and Year of Miracles can create that magic for you and you're getting in apprentice 27% discount, as well as Year of Miracles and incredible value and promise to regenerate your entire body over the course of 12 months.

I can tell you this planning thing really works. I've done it for my own personal growth work, somehow I had permission. The wealth part, I did not get permission or ability to do anything more than fly by the seat of my pants and sneak in. Patriarchal pictures, my father said this is you, this is your future (men do the money), and wow that stuck for a long time...but the biblical principles and clearings I created to go along with them have given me a huge shift, a quantum leap, long overdue.

So I can let you know about 70% of students in our trainings, if not in a year-long training are enrolling last that is exciting for us, we see lots of enrollments and we go yahoo, this is fun, but in a few short months we'll be closing out the apprentice trainings, and I wonder if now would be a good time to start budgeting and setting up a game plan for joining in before the majority of training and activation classes are not accessible to the general public? Just thinking out loud here..,will you want to jump into Trailblazer or Foundational soon? Could you use the 27% savings and help your budget?