Are You Doing it Right? If Not You May Be Unhappy with

Are You Doing it Right? If Not You May Be Unhappy with

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Unhappy Unhappy

As I think about doing life 'right' I think about the context for being and the ground from which life is lived. It may feel a little foreign, to use the words context and ground in relationship to living a fully self-expressed, joyous life, so let me fill you in on what I'm talking about.

Thinking about a context for being, it's the who you know yourself to be as you relate to all others and all situations. For example, I know myself to be unconditional love, so how I relate to my world is from that context. But years ago when I was sorting this out, I knew myself as a survivor. I survived a lot of bad stuff, and I continued to have to survive a lot of bad stuff because it was always activated in my field of amplification. My friends were committed to me being a survivor and they also were survivors. We talked about the stuff we survived, and we'd keep putting the whole survival thing in motion everytime we opened our mouths.

So when I got this concept, I for 3 months, did not talk about abuse, trauma and the struggle of illness. And I claimed my new context as unconditional love. I spoke to my 11 friends about my revelation and asked if we could relate to each other in a new way, talk about how together we could change the world and make it more wonderful. My friends said no, some straight to my face, and some just faded away, but new people and new projects started showing up. Clearing charts back then would have made this process so much easier, but I was disciplined and held to my commitment. And now 15 years later I get to be unconditional love expressing every day! I love my life.

The ground you live from is much like context. It's your foundational core. Who are you as you approach any relationship or situation? Are you a wounded child, or a healthy well balanced adult? Do you chameleon or shapeshift from circustance to circumstance or are you the same steady presence of grounded peace expressing?

As we head into the 2nd half of the year I have challenged my team to make this the best ever period of growth, discovery and miracles in our academy. I've asked them to always bring their A game to work, and be even more, working together in a unified and creative momentum in both service and outreach.

I have a vision, the tipping point is 5 million people, and the world changes. I invite you to help in whatever way you can.

We've been having some amazing miracles, one of our beloved VIP's struggling with a body flooded with cancer, little hope for transformation, after her first 2 hours of VIP where I did a profound and deep clearing, got a medical report the next week, the cancer had totally disappeared. We are so profoundly blessed, loved and celebrated here and in the Divine realms.

Thank you for being here, for sharing in the trainings, and the love. Do you want to learn to create miracles? Could your new context and ground include being my apprentice? Do you need a miracle now, could you step up and enroll in the VIP or Year of Miracles program? I am here, now, knocking at your door, wanting to give you gifts...the outpouring of spiritual gifts is now...this is the cycle of receiving those miraculous gifts!