Are you missing parts of your spirit?

Are you missing parts of your spirit?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Missing your spirit Missing your spirit

A few years back I discovered a very troubling condition, I was missing a good portion of my spirit. How could this be?

From ancient gnostic scripture: I have gathered my limbs which have been scattered across the four corners of the universe and know who thou art.

Damage to spirit and the (hacking off of parts of spirit) can and have happened over the eons. For myself, the problem was so severe folks didn't really see me for who I was but as a much reduced being. As I gathered the 8 pieces of my essence that had been stripped from me over lifetimes, I began to step into my full expression of self. 38% of my spirit had to be reattached to that which is my spirit related to and in this present incarnation. The parts of my spirit missing were still me, in other words just because they were not part of my spirit body they remained mine.

Where were my spirit parts? In some cases another, a being who did the damage, held hostage the part of me that was ripped off and then trapped, while other parts were scattered in the far off no time, no space places.

I went through a profound and intense process while hiking in the California mountains overlooking the vast expansive oceans, finding times where I laid down and rested to reassemble all of me and restore my essential nature, spirit, soul, life force and high self to 100%.

Please know that you can test 100% of what you have being 100%, but when you test am I all that I started out as spirit, I believe all people have lost some of their essential nature to spiritual abuse over time.

If you find yourself weak, your life force may not be informing your body in a way that stimulates vitality and energy. In our Essence class we bring you to 100%. All of your essential nature: spirit, soul, life force and high self. Trust me, life gets a whole heck of a lot better when you are restored to 100%.

In Our Quantum Academy I run the Essence and 100% Vitality class at the same time because they truly complement and enhance each other so very much. If you've had chronic fatigue, or levels of exhaustion you'd like to improve back to vitality this is a very good blend of addressing spirit in body!