Asking Why Before How: It Makes a Big Difference in Your Result!

Asking Why Before How: It Makes a Big Difference in Your Result!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Asking-why Asking-why

I was having a great conversation with one of my staff the other day, talking about a strong feeling of change at hand. At first when she heard me she had said: more importantly is how do I do that, or what steps do I take to get there, But I said, actually no, the first question is: "why am I not already there?"

So let me explain the whole conversation so you can follow along and see what I'm actually talking about here. In my life I've awakened to who I am after many trials, and then feeling very driven to help humanity take many, many steps to becoming well known in the world, including attending the National Publicity Summit multiple times and having very, very well-known friends who are in the global eye. I've published books, have an app, appear regularly on summits and radio interviews. I have a social media presence too.

So these would be the answers to how do I get to where I think I should be. But more importantly here I am aware of the why am I not there since I've taken all the steps I know to take. Rather than running in a circle, continuing to do the busy work of striving to help humanity on a larger scale, I find myself more curious, even driven to ask, if I've done so much, have such a huge gift to share, what is blocking the way for say PBS to be knocking diligently at my door, or Oprah to be anxiously awaiting my appearance on her next life class?

Why are there not yet thousands of students in our Growing Together community program or hundreds in our Year of Miracles program? Our numbers have grown significantly, but I'm still asking what are the holds and blocks that keep us playing at a certain level?

The biggest shifts I believe will come from multiple charts with clearings related to these questions, followed by timely action, and educating the public. We're not some new-agey thing, we are ancient truths coming to light to restore and empower health and longevity to all humankind.

If you were to we invited to build a skyscraper, you would want to first create a very deep foundation, that would have a very strong and tested structure, with all the proper supports, before you built the skyscraper. Imagine skipping the step of a strong foundation. Not taking the time to clear what lies beneath the structure. What if you just build up from the ground? How long would that foundation last?

First ask "Why?" Once why has been thoroughly cleared and a strong foundation exists ask how, and go for it with all your will, all the gusto your spirit can muster

Excited to be approaching the completion of 2018, looking at goals accomplished and new goals ahead in the year of 2019 which promises to be a year of strength and movement in a fresh new structure and balance.