written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Authority Authority

I've been loving the Blueprint Basics class, and learning/making adjustments to areas of my own blueprint as we go along. One area that has been a great eye opener is Authority, which is part of Essence.

Here's my simple definition:

Authority: produces the elegant distribution of light experienced as strength of character and synchronicity of aligned spirit with human body. Authority goes hand in hand with truth, speaking only truth, with love as the base gives authority over the elements.

In yogic tradition these are mastered one by one and called siddhas. Has much to do with life force and confidence.

Only 30% of humans are actively using their authority. That's actually really low. In other words willingly or not about 50% give up their authority to another. Just take that in. How about you?

And about 20% have just completely lost their sense of their personal authority which is very much personal power.

As I looked deeply for myself, there was something important to gain from this exploration. When I turn over work to a team member, or for example to my accountant, and say, just do it, I have relinquished my authority as director of my show and of how the results will turn out. Imagining a role as a ship's captain (I've got some experience at sea sailing,) If the captain said do what you feel like to the crew, I would think they wouldn't get very far, perhaps round a ground, or end up lost at sea. By maintaining my role of authority just like a ship captain I can help determine the outcome and insure we all get to our destination safe and sound.

Maintaining or reclaiming authority strengthens your position of power, grounds you, ads to the respect the world gives you and helps you positively move forward feeling like you are in charge of and moving your life forward. Establishing authority is an important and worthy pursuit.