Balance and Moderation

Balance and Moderation

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Balance and moderation Balance and moderation

Do you have a hard time having just a little of something? Do you find yourself bouncing from one extreme to another? Are you the eye of the storm or living in a bi-polar world?

While these are 2 different things, they go hand in hand with each. Each helps us with the other. When we are feeling balanced, it is much easier to operate with moderation; and when we use moderation in our daily life we create greater balance.

What I love about balance is that it is the point where conflict is removed and harmony exists. It is no longer two opposites competing for a single rulership; but it is two unique pieces of different vibrations working synergistically and equally in a way that is interdependent to each other. When this happens it creates a very magnetic and compelling energy force.

We can often see this best when the masculine and feminine energy forces are both honored and given their time and attention. When this happens, we tend to function in some of our strongest energy patterns; that naturally lead to success. When the conflict of polarities in the world settles down, and they work together there is flow allowing us to open in a way that is abundant, and expansive.

For example, if you use only the mind you limit yourself in the connections you make; and there is an emptiness that exists. If you use only emotion and feeling, it limits us in a way that there is little movement and progression; and that can place us in danger of not doing things in a way that is practical or reasonable to accomplish. It would be like trying to fly a 747 on a single engine because you have faith you will still make it 5000 miles; while it is possible, you are at risk of crashing the plane.

Now when, we use both the logical and intuitive natures we allow ourselves a completeness. This is like the day and night sharing time so that we can be active and we can rest. Imagine if there was only one or the other. Rest would not be complete leaving us in a weakened state; or a lack of action would cause our muscles to go weak. Too much of something weakens us instead of strengthens us. So it is the balance that provides us an optimum state of existence.

Every time we have one piece of pie vs. the whole pie we are moderating. We are blending desire with reason; and this allows us to process the pie. However, eating the whole pie would not digest well for us; and in the long run still leaves us unsatiated. When we have just a piece and stop; we automatically create balance in our masculine and feminine energy patterns. This is important since everything operates on these masculine and feminine patterns.

So as we move further on this and look at these concepts in the realm of codes we find that balance is all about purpose. It is about a lesson that needs to be learned; and involves our spiritual progression. It is about a lack of movement, until we have developed the necessary wisdom to move forward. So balance is keeping us on track. It keeps us from getting in over our head; or taking on something before we are able and ready to handle it.

Balance in the realm of codes is about preparation; laying a solid foundation to put our desires into action. It is about having the skills necessary to do what you are accomplishing; but it is not just about a task. It is about a deeper connection with your wholeness; an integration of pieces that you have been working on. Like having all the pieces of a puzzle; before putting the puzzle together.

Moderation is about detachment from the material aspects. It is about being unattached to the outcome; and willing to be present within the journey. Moderation is about enjoyment, fulfillment, and satiety; and free from addiction. This is sharing that our real experience comes when we can enjoy something in the moment without having to achieve a specific result or goal; and without being controlled by the task or experience.

When we combine balance and moderation together; we get sustainable happiness. This is an energy pattern that allows us to be happy within the mundane; and that allows for the magic in everyday life. This is the energy vibration that is able to have the experiences that it wants to try; and then find just as much enjoyment with or without that experience. It is an ongoing contentment that is happy no matter what.

It is in this balance that a home continues to be a home many years down the line. It is the energy that allows us to be in a space where we want nothing and enjoy everything. It is the space where time can stand still, and our heart and soul are so open that we know we would accomplish anything that we wanted; and our doing comes for the sake of enjoying what we are doing and not out of obligation.

What helps you to keep balance in your life? How do you help yourself use moderation in life? What do you feel when you are in balance?

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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