Be Your Own Best Friend

Be Your Own Best Friend

written by: Dr. Kristina Hallett
by: Dr. Kristina Hallett
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Real People. Real issues. Be Your Own Best Friend

Are you your own best friend? Chances are that when someone asks "who's your best friend?", your answer is not "myself". And yet - don't you think it should be?

How do we tend to treat our "best friends" and those we love? We are open, supportive, honest, considerate, loving, thoughtful. We want what's best for them, and we will offer assistance, guidance, or maybe just space to "be". We generally don't say unkind things, or mock them, or behave in a belittling or demeaning manner. Right?

Would you say to your friend "You're so stupid - you will never succeed"? Or "you're too fat"? Or "you'll always be alone"? I bet you would NEVER make those kind of statements to a best friend. And yet, how often do you say those kind of things to yourself? How often do you give yourself a hard time when something doesn't go right?

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself, and get on board the #ownbestfriend, #selfloveforreal train. The next time you hear yourself starting to say something negative to yourself, ask yourself "Would I say this to my best friend in this way?" If the answer is no, then re-phrase and speak to yourself the way you speak to those you truly love.

Be your own best friend. I can't wait to celebrate your new life with you!!

Here's 9 great stress relievers to help you be your own best friend; 1. Think positively. Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively ("I'm no good!" "I'm ugly!"), replace this with a positive counterpart ("I know I can do it!" "I take good care of myself!"). 2. Use self-affirmation. Make sure you celebrate your accomplishments - including doing something new, or something that you just didn't want to do. day to shower yourself with compliments. Do this daily. 3. Visualize calm. Imagine a safe, calm place, such as a beach with rolling waves or a forest with strong, silent trees. Think of this when you feel you are starting to experience areas or anxiety. 4. Do yoga. It's for everyone - every body and everybody. Yoga Is helpful for stress, anxiety, depression and creating calm, as well as helping with many medical issues (migraine, back pain as two examples). 5. Make sure you sleep. Without enough sleep, you tend to be cranky, irritable, more hungry, and less able to manage stress. 6. Say no. Too much to do means stress - and it's not your job to agree to everything. Saying no can also enable others to step up and take responsibility. 7. Laugh. It's the best medicine. And it feels good - so laugh, long and hard! 8. Meditate. Even if it sounds cliche, meditation lowers blood pressure, helps with clarity, and is all-around good for you. (Yoga can also been meditation in motion - that's 2 for 1!) 9. Enjoy music. Music soothes the savage beast.....or at least helps you to reduce stress. Turn it up!

written by: Dr. Kristina Hallett

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