Being in Nature Heals Your Brain

Being in Nature Heals Your Brain

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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"Nature Soothes Away Depression, Heals Addiction, Heals Pain and More"

If anyone has ever looked out over a vast vista and noticed the fog rolling in over lots of hills and the crashing waves of the ocean moving in... then they know exactly why nature is healing. Nature is part of the vast expanse that Great Spirit created for us. And we are to take advantage of nature every single day in order to stay healthy and find inner peace.

Nature Soothes Away Depression - As human beings, we lived in nature for hundreds of thousands of years and because of that it's like going home. Studies were done with 1,200 elderly people showing that those who got outside and enjoyed nature had less depression.

We Heal Faster in Nature - A study was done with multiple hospitals showing that after surgery those who had a room with a nature view healed much faster compared to those that only had a brick wall to look at.

Cancer Patients Heal with Nature - A study was done at the University of Michigan showing that cancer patients who were able to get out into nature had a much better chance of healing from cancer.

People in Nature Have Less Stress - A study was done by taking saliva samples from people in big city settings and in nature, and those in nature had fewer stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline... which means they had less stress in general. This also means going to a park and enjoying a pond or some birds can be very relaxing and help with stress. Nature lowers blood pressure, slows our heart rate, soothes away muscle tension, and picks up our immune system so we don't get sick. Studies show that 2 out of 3 people who feel down... get out in nature to feel better.

Nature Relieves Pain - A wonderful study was done with patients who had gallbladder surgery... those with a garden view had less pain.

Nature Improves Our Mood - There was a study in the journal "Mind" showing that those who took walks in nature felt less anxious, felt calmer, had more peace, and felt balanced. And people with ADHD have longer attention spans out in nature.

Being in Nature Creates Community - A study at the University of Illinois showed that even in public housing projects those that had trees and green spaces between buildings were much more likely to know their neighbors and create community.

Being in Nature Heals Addiction - Studies show that those healing from addiction who get out into nature every day have a much lower chance of relapsing.

Being in Nature Heals Insomnia - Studies show that those who get out in nature daily have a much lower chance of having insomnia and other sleep-related health challenges. Plus, people who get out in the sun create more vitamin D and have less osteoporosis.

Our Brains Heals in Nature - A study was done with 22 psychology students wired with EEG recorders which were recording their prefrontal cortex brain activity. And what they found is that when they got out in nature their brains slowed down, their brain activity balanced, and their brain started to heal.

So it all boils down to this... get away from that computer screen, the TV, that cell phone, and all those gadgets and get out in nature and feel good. God created a big wide world for all of us to explore... be it a small little park or the giant rocky mountains... it's all good.

Great Spirit Gave us Nature So We Can Heal.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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