Berkeley, CA: Exploring the Arts of Sacred Romance: 3 events: April 7

Berkeley, CA: Exploring the Arts of Sacred Romance: 3 events: April 7

written by: Evalena Rose
by: Evalena Rose
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Exploring The Arts of Sacred Romance with Evalena Rose

3 Events April 7 & 8, Berkeley, CA

For Women and Men, Singles and Couples

All Preferences and Genders Welcome! Discounts for taking more than one of these workshop, see below.

Pre-Registration Required.

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Details and Directions sent upon Registration. All events held at the same location.

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April 7: 7-10pm

Erotic Energy & Intimate CommunicationGreat intro for Saturday evening Puja

Singles $30, Couples $50

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  • Explore deep fulfilling connections
  • Release patterns that impede closeness
  • Learn to ask for what you want in erotic ways

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April 8 7- 10pm

Ecstatic Evening Puja Register Now!

Singles $35, Couples $55

  • Breathe into heart-filled delights!
  • Explore sensual & erotic passions with honor and respect
  • Deepening bonds bring healing to us all!

"The best of many pujas I've been to, the most whole & complete. All energy -not genital or sexual- yet orgasmic!

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April 8 10am-5:30pm

Deepening Into Sacred Love

Singles $140, Couples $220, less before 3/29

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Explore open-hearted connections

Open to the joys of sacred love and ecstasy

Learn energy-moving breathwork for full body orgasm

Enjoy romantic arts in a community of boundaries and respect

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Multi Class Discounts:

All Day Saturday: Singles $165, Couples $260

Friday and Saturday: Singles $190, Couples $290

Register by 3/29 - save add'l: $20 Singles/ $30 Couples

"It was a wonderful workshop... so many memorable moments and exercises that have already made a difference in the way I move in the world."

– Clark T., participant

Register online or call 707-824-1117.

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