Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

written by: Addie Davison
by: Addie Davison
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Weight loss is not a simple desire to obtain a slimmer physique. Many people want to lose weight to gain societal acceptance. Thin models and the six-pack abs of celebrity athletes and artists put pressure on ordinary women and even young girls to want to have beautiful bodies. In some ways, it's a real goal if a healthier body is the primary target but, if weight loss is abrupt and not properly attained, it can be harmful to a person's overall health.

Keep in mind that to lose weight fast is feasible but also must be quantified. Healthy weight loss, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, must not exceed more than 2 pounds weekly. To achieve that, your net caloric intake should be 500 to 1,000 calories less than your average intake.

5 of the best exercise to lose unwanted fat and excess weight now

1. Lap swimming.

If you've always been a water baby, rediscover your love of water and make it your regular exercise. Swimming makes use of almost every muscle in your body, but most notably your arms, abs, buttocks, thighs, legs,


, and neck. Swim laps as fast as you can and until you're out of breath. Bring your competitive self into the pool and keep beating your time record. Run in water too. Water produces greater resistance to your movements in the gym which forces you to exert more considerable effort for the same kind of routine.

2. Stair Stepper.

Do it inside the gym or on a real staircase; the same beneficial effects will be the same. Climbing stairs or completing a 30-minute routine on a StairMaster will speed up your heartbeat, as well as make your thighs, legs, and abs sore "" that's how you know that your muscles are being pushed to their limits. Do this routine repeatedly, three to four times a week, and you'll notice firmer lower body on your first two weeks of practice. When you feel that you've outgrown the resistance, ankle weights will help add a handicap to the routine.

3. The interval is sprinting and resting.

If you've been running continuously for some time and still haven't noticed significant improvements in your body, then you must have already seen evidence that spending more time on the treadmill or the track is not an assurance that you'll get a firmer bed sooner.

Try tweaking your running routine by injecting high-intensity interval training, also known as Tabata workout. To do this, alternate 20 seconds of sprinting as fast as you can with 10 seconds of resting. Japanese scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata has scientific evidence to back up how Tabata workouts redound to faster, more efficient fat and weight loss compared to merely adding up training time. According to him and his team, you only need under five minutes to get the maximum benefit from a workout. This is good news (or bad!) to those who say they're too busy to squeeze in a cardio exercise.

4. Skipping rope.

Jumping is a fast way to burn fat and loses weight. Unlike most other gadgets in your exercise routine, a skipping rope can easily be tucked away in your luggage and is a great exercise option for people who do a lot of travailing and do too much chair time in board rooms and hotels. Bringing your skipping rope with you is an excellent way to stay in shape even as you jet set from coast to coast. Do 20 minutes of continuous skipping, alternating high and low jumps, skipping with one, alternating and both feet.

5. Squat Thrusts.

Perfect to get your heart racing, and targets your arms, thighs, buttocks and abs, and practically every problem spot in a woman's body. Starting position begins with you bending your knees so that you are squatting towards the floor, with your arms in front of you touching the floor, and your feet in tiptoe. Leap and stretch your legs backward then, jump again to go back to starting position. Do the movements repeatedly for several repetitions or, until you are out of breath.


If you want to lose weight fast, you don't necessarily need to clock in more time in the gym rather; you have to outsmart your body. Get to know how your body responds to exercise. While physical activity helps you burn fat, you should also watch your diet and know how you can eat smarter too.

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