Bliss or Blame? Can you experience Bliss all the time?

Bliss or Blame? Can you experience Bliss all the time?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Bliss or blame Bliss or blame

We've just completed our first of an incredible 4-part series on Bliss: the Happiness factor and I'm thrilled to be in dialogue with our students about what interrupts bliss ongoingly for them. One of the recurring themes is my bliss, or lack of it, is due to another's actions.

This is a great clue to how your programing is running, and if you have right, permission and ability to enjoy your life in full on happiness and bliss regardless of another's setting, and if there are factors of domination, suppression and control deluding you into believing you are not 100% in charge of your life and happiness.

Now there are many topics up for clearing and I'm up to the task of creating a slew of charts so folks in our training ALL get the freedom and joy they are longing for.

Here are a few examples of Blame or assigning responsibility to another that reflect the students suppression programing:

Family issues and way too much: household, admin and husband support as he starts a new company. I resent the time it all takes as I have much I'm inspired to create! Martyr program? Irish lineage? I have a hard time experiencing bliss because my husband's not happy, and can treat me poorly out of that unhappiness. I would say consistent joy blocks are from being around too much dense energy that people are carrying. Energy people have sent me that is not pretty. When I followed my truth in the past it was not too welcomed. Old self worth thing pops up with the cords and people wanting my energy or resentful of my energy. Historically I've been around a lot of mixed-up Christian theology that says spiritual joy is the goal, but not necessarily personal happiness. Family depression/sadness pattern; focus on family drama/trauma I worry a lot about family members. Mine is forgetting my true essence. Tt's not being mirrored back yet my therefore I spend a lot of time alone with Source in nature...not a bad thing, just living connection with like minded souls May is the month for us in North America of springtime, going into summer weather and the expansion of light. It's a natural time for the expansion of happiness!

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We addressing the unhappiness and emotional traps that keep you from full self expression, the suppressive energies you were assigned at birth and clearing up some deep misunderstandings about your rights to a life of JOY!We'll also be addressing the concept of pain, grief, sorrow or anything else that takes over (suppression and control) where joy ongoingly could be.

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