Business Success?

Business Success?

written by: Ms. Jan Chambers
by: Ms. Jan Chambers
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Are you running your business?

Or is your business running you?

I'll bet a pound to a penny it's the latter.

And it's a fairly safe bet because I've been there, done it and got the tee-shirt.

In fact, I've got several tee-shirts because I've been round the block a few times.

Given this, I'll take another chance and bet you really enjoy living in a rush, the adrenalin rush.

And I'll go for a hat-trick and bet that you are stressed - whether you think you are or not.

You are a success, right?

You are busy, busy, busy and that busy, busy, busy even stretches to what you call relaxation, on the golf course for example, or pottering about on the boat.

Well, you're still stressed because your head is working nineteen to the dozen.

Those little neurons are firing away and firing away as you mull over business issues, financial matters, family matters.

Meditation, therapy - any kind of therapy - rubbish, right?


Look at the physiological studies. There are many of them.

Just the thought of taking even an hour out of a fun-packed, stress-packed week may cause you stress.

But how long are you going to be around to enjoy fun-packed, stress-packed weeks?

You're building a future for your family, yes, but don't forget to include yourself in your family's future.

An hour's total relaxation every week with a hypnotherapist can extend your healthy longevity.

It's worth a try before dismissing out-of-hand, isn't it?

You have a business.

That business may well run you.

You don't have to let it run you into the ground.

written by: Ms. Jan Chambers

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