Busyness Is Rarely the Solution. Try Some Zenity.

Busyness Is Rarely the Solution. Try Some Zenity.

written by: Ling Wong
by: Ling Wong
Stop pounding Stop pounding

The letter c on my keyboard stopped working. I'd pound on the keyboard and nothing would happen. And then 2 minutes later, the letter c would pop up every two or three characters as I typed. And then that little c with a tail would randomly appear.

One evening, a bunch of Trello cards got mysteriously deleted after a whole lot of keyboard pounding. Needless to say, I was pulling my hair out.

Then I realized pounding on the letter c wasn't the solution. I needed to change tack. I stopped pounding on the c key. Instead, I copied a c and do a command-v to paste the c whenever I needed it. CALMLY.

Took a while to get used to it, but at least I didn't have to backtrack every 2 minutes to clean up a trail of unwanted


. Within a few hours, my productivity was almost back to normal.

It's funny that when things aren't working, we like to keep pounding on them.

Oy, the definition of insanity...

That's not grit, just knuckle-headedness. Save the grit for your big vision, be nimble with your execution.

"Business not working?

Get up early and work another 3 hours a day! Publish a book! Run a list-building summit! Launch an online course! Give away a sh*t ton of free sessions even if you just keep getting freeloaders!"

Just freakin' stop, ok? Stop pounding >> http://business-soulwork.com/pause-hustle/

Deep breath. Sometimes we just need to calm the f*_k down and be more surgical about finding a solution.

Sometimes the solution could be rather simple if you're clear about what needs to be said and what needs to get done.

Sometimes the problem could solve itself when you take the time to get back to the core of the matter — articulate the deep driver behind what you do, how you do it, and why you do it >> http://business-soulwork.com/life-purpose/

Busyness is a symptom of confusion. It happens when there's a lack of clarity.

You don't need to do everything every "guru" says you have to do. You'd be running around looking all productive and stuff but in reality robbing yourself the time to reflect on what truly resonates with your message, leverages your strength, and brings out your personality.

I'm not trying to make you feel bad about yourself. I've gone through the do-do-do phase too. Rite of passage, I'd say.

Yes, implementation is critical. But sometimes I wonder how much of those "take action" battle cries from the "gurus" are actually about selling their latest bring shiny objects... because the more you feel like you have to "do," the more they get to sell.

The most effective action and implementation stem from clarity. When you have clarity about your message, POV, strengths, and expertise; when you tell your story in a way that creates resonance and meaning — the right course of action will reveal itself.

You'll be surprised how you can focus on just a few things, do them really well, create lasting meaning and deliver tremendous values — without running yourself ragged.


I finally got to the Apple store. All the hardware checked out so it's just that little c on the keyboard.

I didn't drop $1,300 for a new MacBook (setting up a new computer takes time and sweat) and I didn't even pay $300 for a repair (when the computer is in the shop how the f___ am I going to work?)

Not just dollars and cents. Complication means time and energy sucked.

The Genius at Apple helped me figure out why my MacBook wasn't pairing with an old Bluetooth keyboard I dug out, et voila! I'm typing away!

Before you go about over-engineering, look for simpler solutions. Save you bucks and headache.

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