Called to Shift-Vegas Jesus

Called to Shift-Vegas Jesus

written by: Michael-Blu
by: Michael-Blu
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"You are blessed if you live in peace and create peace. Then you will understand what it means to be a child of God. You are fulfilling God's dream for world peace."—Jesus

God absolutely works in mysterious ways. I've accepted THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME! I've joined forces with World Truth Ministries™. I will be playing the role of Jesus in live theatrical spoken word productions reenacting many of Jesus' most powerful teachings and sermons. They've entitled the productions: "Michael-Blu is Vegas Jesus™, Speaking the Words that Transformed the World".

"You are the salt of the earth. Salt is useful! It preserves and adds flavor. If you lose your saltiness, your flavor, your passion, your God qualities, you will no longer be useful and effective.

You are the light of the world! Like a city on top of a hill, you can't be hidden.

If you light a candle, you don't put it under a basket. No! You put it in a candle holder to light the house.

By shining your light, you are shining the light of God into the lives of others. Shine brightly!

When you hear and do what I've just told you, you will be wise and your life's foundation will be solid and unmovable like a rock. You will weather the storms in life and stand tall.

Now, go! Be blessed and be a blessing! Let your light shine!"—Jesus, except from the Sermon on the Mount

As all of you know, I have a deep and profound love for Jesus and his message...I believe it is written on all our hearts. This amazing opportunity gives me the chance to share the Jesus I love...the Jesus I want everyone to know, Not the Jesus that mainstream Christianity got ahold of, but the Jesus that walked with the people and rebelled against the hierarchy, the Jesus that loved with compassion and acceptance and without limit. The Jesus that is all inclusive. And yes, the Jesus that paid the ultimate price for ALL HUMANITY...ALL.

So, yes, I've said YES! I will take on this Mega role, I will continue praying for guidance and I'm committed to help spread a message that is more important now than ever before. I'm convinced that God has placed me here for a reason, I will put my whole heart into this role and I ask for your prayers and understanding as we go forward with what I feel is a very important project. My hope is that these productions will start a new found love affair with the Real Jesus and the teachings that transformed the world.

Thank you to World Truth Ministries™ for believing in me and sharing my vision. Peace and love. #WordsOfJesus #WordsToLiveBy #VegasJesus #WorldTruthMinistries #JesusTeam

written by: Michael-Blu

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