Career Goals in Action Attraction!

Career Goals in Action Attraction!

written by: Ms. Lori Snyder
by: Ms. Lori Snyder
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The theory behind the LAW OF ATTRACTION basically stands for the fact that if you can see yourself as is, then you can be as is. It means that you are clearly in control of your future and of your destiny. As you see yourself, is as you are. It is also about what you can give to the world as opposed to what you can get. Keep in mind that in effect, what you give does come back via universal law. Below are a few basic steps to start tapping into the law of attraction.

First you have to "get clear" on what it is that your HEART DESIRES, gain clarity and then start putting it out there to the universe. Secondly, you need to work on YOU from the inside out so that you become a naturally positive person while learning to release any negative energy that comes your way. Most important you have to act like you deserve what you desire and that you already have what you desire. You must be open to receiving. The law of attraction works in EVERY area of life, however this article focus is on career. And so for that purpose, you must figure out how to tweak the basics to fit your "desires" in the career arena.

Depending on where you currently stand in your career, you can use these steps as a way for you to find work, get a promotion, start a business, re-new a career path, grow in your current career choice, connect with colleagues and so on. You can use it for any aspect of your work/career. However, you need to keep in mind that the energy you have and the energy you receive has to be POSITIVE. You can't allow any negativity to get to you. You will need to learn to find a comfortable medium in your career path and in your career goals.

You will also notice that the law of attraction can be a great tool in helping to MOTIVATE you to reach your personal career goals. You will find that the third step means that you need to take control of your career direction and act like you have already achieved your goals and your desires. This will give you a taste of what it will be like when you are successful in meeting those goals, and that in effect will be a very strong motivational tool. You will find that it will also help to block out any negative energy that may come your way. This will not only give you a stronger presence at work and in your career choice, but it will make your personality stronger in general. You will have encouragement, empowerment, and even freedom from negative feelings and thoughts. By simply keeping a positive outlook and being mindful, you can create an abundance of healthy benefits. Your relationships, career, health, etc, will all flourish.

BEST to you on this unique journey of life!

Lori Snyder partners with people who are ready to begin moving their lives in a forward direction. "I believe that each person hold within them powerful inner strength, that when tapped into, can help them to create positive results towards making their lives an extraordinary one." - LS

Lori Snyder, CPC, ELI-MP

written by: Ms. Lori Snyder

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