Change is at Hand WOW! Understanding and Mapping Infections

Change is at Hand WOW! Understanding and Mapping Infections

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Mapping-infections Mapping-infections

As I was preparing for the Quantum Clearing of Infections class, I prayed the prayer I have been praying recently...God help me create the most profound clearing chart ever, one that will truly make a miracle for my students, each and everyone, and as the chart was coming together I began to see something I had never considered. Viruses are not natural to us. They are created. They can be charted like a spiritual interference or anchor. We can learn what they are, who created them, what their function is in our body and of course how to clear them.

I just had never thought of approaching infections this way before and it was a bit of a thrill, exciting, and also daunting to begin mapping the interference/anchor like problem of viruses. As well we looked at the many items in our programs list that tested as viruses. We begin to open a new door to understanding with a fresh approach, gaining power in our newly discovered knowledge and skill in our understanding and disappearing of these challenge. What I've been seeing is we've raised the bar and are exploring in deeper ways, because our group of committed students is growing. There are more people participating in our year long programs then ever before and we are starting to be able to break through to a much higher level of clearing wisdom and results. I am delighted with the shifts, challenged by the mapping task and very much welcoming of all the new Apprentices and year of miracles student jumping in at this time to help cause a real shift in the whole of human awareness and frequency.

  • All of your classes are inspiring, but this one was on a whole other level. It feels like some kind of turning point for humanity. I'll be listening to this again, just for the strength of it. Thank you so much. Dale
  • Amazing class! Thank you for all that you are and all that you do, Jules, you are a true teacher! I have learned so much today. God bless you and everyone. Johannah
  • This was such a creative cutting edge class! Love your exploration. Thanks so much! Love you! Carole

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