Chaos to Calm: The “Soulution”

Chaos to Calm: The “Soulution”

written by: Rev. Carrie Beleno
by: Rev. Carrie Beleno
Chaos to calm podcast artwork Chaos to calm podcast artwork

If you are at all connected with me or my work, it would be hard to miss the fact that my podcast launched! And yes, you are seeing it one more time.

That's because I am on a mission to share these messages with the world, literally.

I "accidently" misspelled solution today in a post, spelling it "soulution." And that's when it dawned on me:

We are ALL part of the soulution when we tap into our souls' guidance, listening and following. That's part of the messages I deliver in my podcast. Life doesn't have to keep going the way it is~ we CAN live healthy, wealthy and peaceful lives, coexisting in harmony.

While I was in the car dealership the other day, I was trying to explain what it is I do for a living. I simplified it by saying, "Do you see and feel what is going on out there in the world? Well, I'm part of the solution." And in that instant...wait for it...

"Under Pressure" began on the radio. In case you haven't read my second book, that's a song that plays at exactly the right moment every time I need a lift or a sign that I'm headed in the right direction.

Can't we give ourselves one more chance? Why can't give love that one more chance? Why can't we give love, give love, give love, give love....

'Cause love's such an old-fashioned word And love dares you to care for the people on the Edge of the night and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves.

And late that evening my podcast launched, a full two days ahead of the iTunes scheduled release.

YOU are part of the "soulution" in so many ways. Please take a moment to listen, subscribe, rate and review my podcast so the world can benefit from these healing, universal truths: and then:

Live in love. Carrie

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One more note...Front page of this site? "People Who Inspire Us: Bowie." Coincidence? I think not...